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Research and development of CAD system for general die of open profile extrusion die

1 introduction

based on the analysis of the structure of typical plastic profile extrusion equipment that eliminates the institutional obstacles to investment and industry, this paper tries to change the current situation of a set of dies for a product in the traditional production process, and puts forward the structure of general die of open profile. With the help of modern design concept, the corresponding parametric die CAD system with design flexibility -- Open Profile Extrusion Die CAD system is developed, and the design content is updated by using parameter driven method to meet the needs of cattle products after replacement. Undoubtedly, the research content in this article will play a positive role in the development of plastic profile extrusion processing technology

2 structure of the general head of the open profile extrusion die

due to the wide variety of profiles produced by the enterprise, in order to adapt to products with different cross-section shapes and reduce the investment in manufacturing equipment, the enterprise will only replace the forming port template 1 in the head according to the actual situation, as shown in Figure 1. And complete the production task with the corresponding setting die

Figure 1 general head structure and several common profiled section structures

in the production process, it is convenient to replace the forming port template 1, just remove the coupling screws 2, remove the gland 3, take out the forming template 1, and replace it with another forming port template. Among them, Dingnan of the inner wall channel of the forming port template is adjusted by four adjusting screws 4. While the transition section 5, the front end of the distributor 7, the distributor support 6, the rear end of the distributor 8 and the head and neck 9 generally do not need to be changed, and only when necessary, parameterization can be achieved through the CAD system

3 CAD system design

3.1 feasibility analysis

solidworks is a set of cad/cam/PDM desktop integrated system based on Windows operating system with good openness. It provides API (Application Programming Interface) application programming interface, and provides a large number of OLE objects and their methods and properties, so that users can carry out effective secondary development through tools such as VB. Starting from the performance of the universal die head, it is necessary to develop a CAD/CAM system in order to further improve the universal degree. Modify and record the macro file, and then call the.Exe file generated by the secondary development program in solidworks2006 in the way of running macros, so as to realize the function required by the system. So the design and development of the system is feasible

3.2 overall design of the system

when the cross section of the profile product produced changes, there are two situations of the extrusion die head. First, only changing the size of the mouth template can meet the production demand; Second, other parts of the extrusion die also need to change size. The CAD system first obtains the relevant information of the product and determines which situation belongs to the divination. If it is case 1, read the two-dimensional cross-sectional drawing of the product, generate a new mouth template entity, and then carry out other relevant links of cam (this article will not be detailed); In case 2, change the parameters of each component through parameter driven method (the system associates the relevant design parameters of each component to reduce the chance of error). Due to the size change of several parts, in order to ensure the qualification of the whole product, the next step will be simulated assembly (here we need to call the standard parts saved in the system database). When it is confirmed that the design of each part is reasonable, it will enter the next cam stage of mold processing. According to the relevant concepts of software engineering, the flow chart of CAD system is shown in Figure 2

3.3.2 system operation interface

the system will use the functions of SolidWorks APL to compile SOLIDWORK plug-in, and integrate SOLIDWORK Anyang production enterprises: Anyang Iron and Steel Group, Shagang Yongxing, Yaxin, Fengbao, Xinpu, Xinyuan, Boxin, Huixin, Yongtong, Longteng, HSBC, Hexin and other enterprises s environment, and use SolidWorks program for management. SolidWorks plug-in is a DLL file. In the process of generating DLL by program, the interface between DLL file and SolidWorks must be defined. The system uses the function connecteitosw of SolidWorks plug-in file and the function sconnectfmmsw of SolidWorks interface to realize the function and develop the operation interface. As shown in Figure 3

3.3 detailed system design

3.3.1 system menu

for the realization of the above functions, the system main menu is designed. Submenu item, which will also drive the global plastic additive market to continue to develop rapidly, as shown in Table 1

3.3.3 parameter design window

take the parameter design window of the port template in the head menu (as shown in Figure 4) as an example to illustrate the realization of the parameter calculation function in the system. Input the parameters to be changed at the corresponding position in this interface, and then click the design button, and the system will regenerate the new mouth template parts

3.3.4 program example

the section shape of the extrusion die is generally provided by the demander. As long as it is saved in the system as a file in *.dxf or *.dwg format, it can be called by the system, and then replace the original section sketch to generate a new mouth template by stretching and removing. Part of the program code:

4 Summary

SolidWorks can play a significant role in mold auxiliary structure design, auxiliary engineering analysis and auxiliary manufacturing. In particular, SolidWorks provides users with rich API functions, which can enable users to develop more adaptive software to meet their more special needs. The general head structure suitable for open profile extrusion die proposed in this paper, and the parametric CAD system developed based on the API function provided by SolidWorks for users, further expands the advantages of the general head, and provides a reference for the design and development of other CAD systems of the same type of die. The application of the system has achieved remarkable results in saving mold manufacturing costs and shortening the mold making cycle, and has been applied in many enterprises in the past to obtain good economic benefits. (end)

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