The hottest plant-based plastics are widely used,

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Plant based plastics are widely used in the automotive industry, with a smaller carbon footprint.

plant based plastics is a joint venture between Mazda Automotive Company, Teijin company and Teijin fiber company. It is the world's first bio plastic fabric completely derived from plants, which is used in the production of automotive interior parts. This kind of bio based plastic interior decoration is made of 100% polylactic acid resin, which is a high molecular material polymerized with a large number of lactic acid molecules. Lactic acid is prepared by fermentation of carbohydrates such as plant sugars

Coca Cola, a soft drink giant, has cooperated with Ford to use its plant bottle technology to help Ford decorate the interior of one of its newly developed models. Scott vitters, general manager of Coca Cola plant bottle packaging platform, said that the cooperation with Ford proved that this technology is applicable to any field where PET materials are traditionally used, but its carbon footprint is smaller than that of traditional materials

the two companies announced a Ford Fusion ene last week. Yesterday, they visited some residents near several old experimental machine factories. RGI plug-in hybrid cars contain 30% plant-based materials in the surface fabrics of seat cushions and seat backs, headrests, roofs and door inserts. This is the first time Coca Cola has used its plant bottle technology outside the scope of PET packaging. The two companies said they would show the model at the Los Angeles auto show this month

John Viera, global director of Ford's sustainability and vehicle environmental issues department, added: by adopting plant bottle technology in plug-in hybrid vehicles, Ford and Coca Cola have demonstrated the greater potential of new materials to replace other petroleum based fossil fuels, so that future vehicles can reduce the overall environmental impact

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