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Plasmax: barrier coating new technology

pet bottles are favored by the majority of beverage manufacturers because of their light bottle, not easy to be damaged, can be sealed for storage, completely transparent, compression resistant, do not affect the taste of the filler, recyclable and many other advantages. However, the limitations of its barrier performance also limit the packaging of many oxygen sensitive or carbon dioxide containing beverages, such as beer, milk, red wine, etc., which are difficult to use PET bottles

plasmax 12D, a plasma coating equipment jointly developed by SIG and Schott hicotec to improve the barrier performance of PET bottles, has been successfully accepted by bischofszell beverage company in Switzerland. Advantages of plasmax plasma coating equipment: the internal coating is evenly distributed, the bottle after coating has excellent barrier layer improvement coefficient, and the coating is glassy, colorless and absolutely transparent; The plasma deposition process is carried out in the inverted state of the bottle to avoid pollution; The installed process monitoring device can control and ensure product quality

internal coating enhances protection

since it is higher than other carbon materials, a special adhesive layer is coated at the beginning of the coating, so there is good adhesion between the barrier layer and the inner wall of the packaging bottle. Even if the geometry of the packaging bottle is very complex, pulsed plasma can also make SiOx barrier layer effectively and evenly coated on the bottle wall. Therefore, compared with uncoated packaging bottles, this process can achieve a very good barrier layer improvement factor (BIF). Due to the firm adhesion, its advantages can be better reflected when load is applied on the bottle wall and expansion (such as creep) occurs

the PICVD process of Schott company (the biggest problem in the measurement process of plasma pulse fatigue testing machine is the sample selection fault impact chemical vapor deposition method) can generally be used for internal and external coatings. But it is only used for internal coating at present. The main advantages of the internal coating include: the barrier layer will not be damaged; The barrier layer can strengthen the protection of the beverage in the bottle from the influence of oxygen, acetaldehyde and other gases contained in the bottle; The machine does not need to be cleaned separately. It is used in combination with sig corplast blomax stretch bottle blowing machine. The coating is carried out in the continuous production high-performance rotary table machine

the deposition process is carried out upside down

in the blumax stretch blow molding process, the plasma deposition process is carried out with the bottle mouth down and the bottle bottom up (bottle upside down), so as to avoid the pollution of the packaging bottle or the pollution of the filled products due to the presence of loose particles

according to the design, the output of the first series of equipment is 10000 bottles/hour. Therefore, in terms of output, it can be directly used in line production in combination with most sterile filling machines. In the process parameter deviation, the extremely strict tolerance requirements are observed, so as to achieve reliable process control and high operation safety. The effect of ensuring high-quality and uniform computer boils down to the collection, transmission, reaction, analysis, display and printing of test data, and there is no additional process flow after coating

quality monitoring

the installed process monitoring device can control and ensure the product quality. The three-level protection principle of high-precision deposition process has been tested in the production of pharmaceutical bottles, and has been further applied and transformed in this new deposition machine

the application of this unique process control system in pet plasma deposition can not only monitor the plasma ignition and whether it meets the process parameters, but also directly and reliably detect whether there is leakage and whether the deviation in the process is too large. For example, if the plasma does not burn or does not meet the process parameters, the machine will eliminate the packaging bottle to ensure a uniform and high-quality coating of the packaging bottle

simple and efficient control

due to the configuration of formula memory with multiple retrieval options and the use of intuitive touch screen technology, this model is simple and efficient, easy for the operator to control. The new attachment machine can be combined with three shift production, and the operator can operate normally with only a little training. Moreover, the maintenance of this model is very convenient, which can shorten the maintenance time

greatly reduce costs

after adopting the new sig plasma coating system, the barrier enhanced packaging market is more competitive. Each bottle is packed ldquo; 1 recruit fresh food and eat it all over the sky rdquo; The cost of installation is lower than that of any existing process. This cost reduction mainly lies in the low material cost and the reliable mechanical performance of the machine

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