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Plant protection UAV pilot training chaos, how to talk about easy monthly income of more than 10000

recently, Chongqing, Jiangxi and other regions responded to the call of the Ministry of agriculture to carry out the pilot subsidy of plant protection UAVs, and introduced subsidy schemes one after another. The subsidy for single machine purchase ranged from 17000 to 29000 yuan. With the launch of purchase subsidies around the country, the market ownership of plant protection UAVs in China will reach a higher level, followed by a huge gap in the flying hand of plant protection UAVs

when it comes to drone pilots, many people first think of high wages, good prospects, and a lack of market. In addition, various training institutions use online media to hype, leaving the impression that there is a shortage of pilots, and the potential market is huge. Taking an examination of the drone's important accessories and selecting the imported equipment drone license can bring high wages and enviable jobs

it is true that there is a huge gap in the demand for plant protection UAV pilots, and the monthly income of this profession is indeed as high as 15000-20000 yuan, but this does not mean that the majority of farmers can easily put this income into their pockets after going to training classes and taking a certificate


because the flying hand of plant protection UAV is a relatively professional profession, which needs a sound training system. At present, the manufacturers are mostly responsible for the training of flying hand of plant protection UAV. The training of manufacturers is naturally based on the premise that users buy products, but even if there are corresponding policy subsidies for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of UAVs, it is not affordable for any farmer friend

the threshold of manufacturer training is high, and the strain gauge sensor that is most often used by social training institutions with low threshold came into being. But let alone whether social training can shoulder the requirements of the market for the scale and specialization of UAV pilots. Just because social institutions are not qualified to issue relevant certificates recognized by the state to pilots after learning, this basically cut off the students' dream of "high impact toughness and obviously low strain timeliness"

what's more, the current market needs to remove the service life of pilots to install, debug, maintain and even repair the common flight control equipment on the market, and these skills are not taught by social training institutions in a few months or even just a dozen days of training courses

as for those pilots who really earn more than 10000 yuan a month, they usually need more than 5 years of relevant experience, including flight time, assembly skills and debugging experience. Therefore, the majority of farmers are advised not to be confused by the overwhelming propaganda and blindly devote themselves to it, so that the gains outweigh the losses

in this regard, relevant experts called on the government to work with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, research institutes, industry associations and UAV enterprises to formulate relevant industry standards for agricultural UAV product production, flying hand training, safe operation and so on

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