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Plan SPG company newly launched grass seed packaging

plan SPG company newly launched a grass seed packaging according to different product types. It adopts an innovative "porous" sowing design, which is very practical. At the same time, it also has a resealable filling port, which can pour the grass seeds in the large package into the carton, which is convenient for gardeners to use when repairing the lawn. "Convenience" is becoming a trend

in addition, grass seed products have achieved automation in the whole experimental process of temperature and humidity. In order to adapt to the harsh environment, cartons are required to have high moisture-proof and compression resistance. In order to achieve this goal, the French CGv company, the manufacturer of cartons, changed the paperboard material from FBB cardboard to fr VI and carry while improving the carton structure. Facts have proved that the versatility and durability of this carton are very successful. Within the 3-year shelf life, no matter what environment (temperature and humidity changes and pressure, etc.), this carton has played a good role in protecting the new functional material of high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion-resistant copper alloy submitted by baoguoliang copper for inspection

information source: export commodity packaging

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