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Calm down, plant protection UAV upgrading technology or based on service

after the excitement of previous years, the myth period of plant protection UAV ended, and the UAV market in 2018 entered a "quiet" period. At present, most UAVs can realize intelligent flight, but when it comes to the next development of plant protection UAVs, Dajiang innovation insists on doing a good job in products and strengthening cooperation with scientific research institutions; Based on services, Jifei began to mine industry data and build an agricultural ecosystem. When talking about the current situation of the industry, Liu Yunling, associate professor of the school of information and electrical engineering of China Agricultural University and executive director of the agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research Institute of the school of information and electrical engineering of China saiyinshanda, which is 230 kilometers away from the border city of China, believes that the primary concern of the industry at present is to track the "precise application and application effect", so as to form a "technology and application" snail, so as to complete the spiral rise of fatigue experiments on samples, So as to improve the level of the whole industry

Dajiang: products are fundamental, precision agriculture is the direction

"strong technology and abundant funds". When talking about Dajiang innovation, Yuchen often hears these labels. This "technology led" UAV enterprise has gradually made efforts in this field since the release of plant protection UAVs in 2015. According to Xie Bozhi, the Cooperation Director of Dajiang innovation project, the most fundamental thing for plant protection UAVs is to do a good job in products. After in-depth understanding of agriculture, he lamented that "the contribution to this industry is not to attract many people to work together, nor to do many eye-catching things. The most fundamental thing is to do a good job in products, so that plant protection UAVs are more reliable and efficient."

Xie Bozhi also explained to Yuchen why he had such a view, "at present, the channel of plant protection UAV is sinking very much, and there are many UAV manufacturers in the market, but not many can really achieve reliability and efficiency." However, it is undeniable that Xie Bozhi emphasized that there is a process of survival of the fittest in the industry. In addition to the natural process, enterprises should establish as short a feedback channel as possible to improve products and realize iterative upgrading; Establish a small-scale enterprise flight defense team, conduct flight defense experimental tests, and update the software and hardware in time according to the experimental results

Xie Tiandi, the public relations director of Dajiang innovation, also believes that the main line must be to continue to improve the reliability and safety of products. "From the perspective of Dajiang's positioning, we are doing a good job in technology and products and providing tools for service institutions, and reliability and safety is an essential and important dimension for tool development."

but in addition, Xie Tiandi and Yuchen introduced that the plant protection machine is only a part of the UAV plant protection industry; This is consistent with Xie Bozhi's view. In an interview with Yuchen, Xie Bozhi once said that for the plant protection of Feifang, "plant protection" accounts for half and "medicine" accounts for half

"we conclude that people, machines, chemicals and pesticide application methods are indispensable in the plant protection of flying prevention. Dajiang can provide safe and reliable plant protection UAVs; Dajiang innovation has also been doing the training of flying hands. However, to solve the problem of pesticides, we should cooperate with people who know pesticides best to solve the problem of pesticides and cooperate with the methods of pesticides and pesticide application."

in 2018, Dajiang innovation successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Syngenta, BASF, Dow DuPont (codihua) and others, adding long glass fibers can actually reduce the total cost of composites; Jointly build laboratories with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions to promote the improvement of pesticide application methods

"the cooperation with pharmaceutical enterprises basically starts with the cooperation of products. For example, the Department of agriculture of Dow DuPont issued Fatou fungicide and fatuo's plant protection UAV operation standards. The cooperation with scientific research institutes is mainly about the improvement of application methods. At present, the application experiments of several main crops in the growth cycle are being carried out." Xie Bozhi introduced that Dajiang innovation attaches great importance to these cooperation because it believes that agriculture should eventually develop in the direction of "precision agriculture"

Jifei: excavate the mine of "farmland data" based on services

different from Dajiang's innovative view, Jia Xiangyang, head of Jifei technology in East China, believes that the development of plant protection UAVs has been intelligent enough. Next, the most important thing is to do a good job in services and master industry related data. "The flight control system of the aircraft has developed well, with mature performance in fixed height and speed, autonomous obstacle shielding and trajectory accuracy. The next step is to strive for service. In the front line of business, we deeply feel that only service can achieve people's hearts. How to serve farmers and smart agriculture through various channels should be done seriously."

it is undeniable that with the development of global agriculture today, the dependence of agriculture on data has developed to an unprecedented level, and the demand for agriculture has also changed from "watching the weather to eating" to "knowing the weather and doing". In agricultural developed countries, farmland agricultural data has become an indispensable part of many farmers engaged in agricultural production, and its status is no less than that of large-scale agricultural equipment. Agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles become an important source of agricultural data. From the perspective of service, Jifei technology excavates the mine of agricultural data, which must be exactly what it sees

Dajiang innovation Xie Bozhi and Dutch exhibitors introduced Dajiang plant protection UAV/source: Yuchen Xie Bozhi, director of Dajiang innovation project cooperation, once told Yuchen, "in the cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies, such as Syngenta, Dow DuPont and BASF, we found that these pharmaceutical companies have recognized the value of future accurate farmland information data. From the perspective of UAV, they can collect and obtain accurate data."

liaominzi, marketing manager of Jifei technology, did not deny this view. In recent two years, based on the release of Jifei plant protection UAV p20p30, Jifei also launched business segments such as Jifei geography and Jifei IOT. It can be seen that Jifei attaches great importance to the development of agricultural data

through UAV technology and standardized mapping process, polar geographic collects geographic information nationwide, provides high-precision positioning support for farmland survey, rural navigation and UAV precision flight, and combines UAV technology with remote sensing data and meteorological data to provide precision services in farmland planting information, forecasting farmland diseases and pests, and real-time broadcasting of regional weather

Jifei IOT is the IOT product of IOT intelligent farmland monitoring station. This monitoring station can monitor farmland weather all day. It integrates data cards, data processing chips, cloud storage, etc. and integrates temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure into this device

improving the effect of pesticide application is the theme of the future.

as the two giants in the field of agricultural plant protection UAVs, Dajiang innovation and Jifei technology have different directions for the development of future plant protection UAVs. Xuexinyu, director of the Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization plant protection and environmental engineering technology center of the Ministry of agriculture, chief scientist of the plant protection machinery research team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and vice chairman of the precision agriculture aviation branch of the international society of agricultural engineering, said that UAV plant protection solved the problem that agricultural machinery in Hilly and mountainous areas could not get off the field, but the problems of UAV drift and the possible harm to environmental safety were also raised, "How to fly well, how to reduce drift, how to manage well, and how not to affect public safety are the themes we will do later."

Xue Xinyu said that in the key research and development plan during the 13th Five Year Plan period, there are two major projects related to agricultural aviation, one is "research and development of key technologies and equipment for agricultural aviation operations ()" in the intelligent agricultural machinery sector, and the other is the research and development of the national fertilizer and pesticide reduction and efficiency increase - "ground and aviation high efficiency pesticide application technology and intelligent equipment". "Pesticide application technology, navigation technology, UAV platform, test platform, safety evaluation and standards are the main work in recent ten years."

Liu Yunling, associate professor of the school of information and electrical engineering of China Agricultural University and executive director of the agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research Institute of the school of information and electrical engineering of China Agricultural University, also stressed in the interview that the operation effect is the next priority. "If we do not track the precise application and application effect, and only pursue the operation area rather than the operation quality, the market of plant protection UAVs will gradually shrink."

"enterprises should conduct pesticide application experiments, fly plant protection with different parameters, compare the application effects, and track them later. While improving aircraft performance, consider the operation effects and operation parameters, and finally derive the operation standards." Liu Yunling told Yuchen, "this is the first-hand data. Whoever masters it will take the lead for SABIC, the Saudi plastic development company."

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