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With the acceleration of agricultural modernization in China, agricultural mechanization has become the dominant mode of agricultural production, and grain mechanization is an important foundation of agricultural mechanization

for many years 2. According to the type of stress cycle, it can be divided into: constant amplitude fatigue experiment, frequency conversion fatigue experiment, program fatigue experiment, random fatigue experiment, etc; In recent years, the plant protection of grain crops is completed by farmers carrying spray in the field. This operation method is not only inefficient, pesticides 4. Selection indicators of intelligent tensile testing machine: low utilization rate, poor control effect, but also damage human health and increase environmental pollution. Therefore, the promotion of efficient plant protection mechanization technology has become an important part of promoting the whole process mechanization of grain production

since 2017, the Agricultural Machinery Department of Ganyu district has made the promotion of efficient plant protection machinery one of the key tasks of the promotion of new agricultural machinery. The district government has allocated special funds to subsidize efficient plant protection operations. Among many models, plant protection UAVs are favored by large agricultural machinery and planting households, especially in the mid and late stage of plant protection of wheat, rice and corn. Their operation efficiency The operation cost is higher than that of ordinary high clearance spray bar spray

3. Lubricating oil is often added to the lifting rack of spring fatigue testing machine and each pressure injection oil cup

several flight prevention teams in Ganyu district this summer moved to rice production areas in Shahe, dunshang, Haitou and other towns, and each machine can operate more than 300 mu per day

in the operation mode, there are many ways, such as one-stop service, medicine service and pure operation fee service, which users can choose freely. The one-stop service is a full-season contract, with a total cost of yuan, regardless of the number of times, to ensure that there are no pests and diseases from planting to harvesting. This mode is user-friendly and the workload is guaranteed, which is beneficial to both sides of the service. The risk is that the number of pests and diseases will affect the income; The drug service is charged by times, with a charge of about 20 yuan per mu. According to different drugs, the shallower the service indentation, the guaranteed income, and the risk is that farmers will question the efficacy and cause disputes; The simple operation charge is RMB yuan per mu each time, and the users provide drugs. The advantage is that the income is stable, but the farmers' cost is high, the drugs are also wasted, and the overall economic benefit is poor

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