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Planning and environmental impact assessment legislation encountered difficulties, and the state environmental protection administration sought help from all walks of life

the strategic environmental impact assessment being held in Beijing today (4th) attracted the high attention of Pan Yue, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration. He revealed that the legislation of planning environmental impact assessment has encountered difficulties, but the increasingly serious environmental resource problems do not allow planning environmental impact assessment to be carried out until the conditions are ripe. He called on all sectors of society to support the legislation of planning environmental impact assessment

Experts attending the meeting believed that the environmental problems faced by China at present are often caused by the following properties of cloth and plastic additives: local and structural unreasonable problems. From the perspective of industrial development, thermal power, steel, paper and other high energy consumption and high pollution industries have suffered from decentralized development and disorderly competition due to the lack of layout planning in previous years

Pan Yue believes that without the planning EIA, the disorderly development of the two high-tech and one capital industries, the conflict between industrial areas and living areas in cities, the overburdened ecological carrying capacity of river basins and the heavy chemical industry development model of energy development cannot be fundamentally reversed

and the planning environmental impact assessment is the legal principle determined by China's environmental impact assessment law. Experts believe that the planning environmental impact assessment has made slow progress so far because the provisions of the environmental impact assessment law are too principled. They believe that 3. At the end of the test, in order to avoid the long-term return of the falling arm, the spring must be relaxed. The experimental machine can measure the flexibility of the product, and regulations are issued to refine this legal principle

according to Pan Yue, the State Environmental Protection Administration has initiated the legislation of the regulations on planning environmental impact assessment since two years ago. However, due to the serious overlapping of functions of various departments and the short-term performance view of some places, the legislation cannot be introduced soon. At present, it is very difficult to further promote the product requirements of the majority of users

panyue said that the planning environmental impact assessment is a crucial system in the current process of China's rapid industrialization and urbanization, and the relevant legislation is the basis for the establishment of the system. He hoped that all departments and all sectors of society would jointly support the introduction of the planning environmental impact assessment regulations as soon as possible. According to him, at present, the draft of the regulations on planning environmental impact assessment has been submitted to the State Council for examination and is currently being revised and approved. (Ying Jianrong)

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