Attention for daily use of Nikon projector

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Pay attention to the daily use of Nikon projector

1 be sure to place the Nikon projector flatly so that the top surface of the stage is horizontal. (please use three adjusting feet for adjustment). At the same time, we also need to do a good job in promoting biodegradable plastics in a short time. The bonikon projection opportunity is supported by three adjusting legs, if any other part touches the ground. The accuracy of the stage may be affected

2. After other installation, please check whether the voltage selector is consistent with the power supply voltage before connecting the power supply. Otherwise, please change the setting of the voltage selector according to. Using the instrument under the wrong voltage may lead to fire, electric shock or major malfunction of the flexible packaging manufacturer. The above are the most basic precautions for Nikon projectors. Bulbs, Nikon products only use bulbs as light sources. Due to the high internal pressure of the bulb, do not let the bulb fall, collide it with other objects, scrape the bulb or mark it with too much force (grasp it with force, etc.)

3. 3. Install the upsetting straight rib reinforcement joint jg/t 3057 ⑴ 999 and remove the Nikon projector objective lens. When you use the camera equipment, if the external light enters the screen and interferes with you, please install the lens cover on the empty lens interface. 1 Remove the dust cover installed on the rotary table. 2. Align the installation instructions of the projection eyepiece with the brake screw of the turntable base, install the eyepiece, and then turn it in the direction shown by the arrow. 3. Shine the lens window of the projection eyepiece towards the surface to the condensing lens that meets the national experimental electric gas standard. 4. To remove the projection eyepiece, hold the eyepiece by hand, loosen the brake screw, turn the objective lens in the reverse order of installation, and then remove the objective lens

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