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Emerson's PlantWeb digital factory has been successfully applied in two domestic glass factories

recently, Emerson's FF fieldbus technology was first applied in China's glass industry. Zhejiang Changxing Glass Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Pinghu Glass Co., Ltd. installed and implemented PlantWeb? Digital factory structure

emerson's DeltaV? As an important part of PlantWeb structure, digital automation system will become the most advanced automation technology in the glass industry, supporting the operation of the whole intelligent factory. In addition to saving installation costs, the PlantWeb structure embedded with FF fieldbus technology can realize digital functionalization and high-precision measurement, and innatetm precision packaging resin - the landmark products in the packaging resin can obtain advanced diagnostic information from field intelligent devices, so as to improve product output and quality

in addition to DeltaV automation system, Emerson also provided Rosemount temperature and pressure transmitters, Fisher control valves, FIELDVUE? Digital valve controller and AMS? Equipment management portfolio predictive maintenance software

Zhejiang Changxing Glass Co., Ltd. invested 800million yuan and put into production in March 2008. The design capacity of the new plant is 4.5 million heavy cases of float glass per year to meet the growing demand for building materials caused by the country's prosperity and construction

Zhejiang Pinghu Glass Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 600million yuan and plans to put into operation in June 2008, "This technology is the research and development achievement of Parker company in 10 years. It is expected to produce 500 tons of ultra-thin glass every day, which is mainly used in LCD and other electronic products.

Yang Kuang, project manager of Zhejiang Changxing Glass Co., Ltd., said:

"Choosing emerso will also launch key projects such as research and development and utilization of new functional materials and devices, advanced structure and composite utilization. The advantage of becoming a major instrument supplier is that they have advanced fieldbus technology, high-quality products and excellent integration ability. In addition to the benefits of debugging and engineering, we will also see the continuous operation and maintenance benefits brought by digital automation."

miketrain, President of Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific, said, "I am glad that with advanced technology, excellent engineering and integration capabilities in China and reputable after-sales service, we have the opportunity to participate in these landmark projects, and we guarantee that these process manufacturing enterprises can also benefit like our other Chinese users."

plantweb factory management and control is a site-based miserable structural system that changes the economic benefits of process automation. It can establish solutions to optimize the factory. PlantWeb factory management and control, with its powerful function beyond DCS, provides the information and performance you need when and where you need it

plantweb factory management and control based on the field architecture provides automation solutions for equipment management, process control and management execution. It includes three key components: intelligent field equipment, standards and platforms, and integrated modular software

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