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The 2019 Spring Festival reunion of Ningbo mold industry association was grandly held

] at 18:38 p.m. on January 18, 2019, the general meeting (annual meeting) of Ningbo mold industry association and Ningbo machine tool equipment industry association was grandly held in the Crystal Palace of Ningbo Wyndham Supreme Haoting Hotel, and all member enterprises shared a wonderful Feast. The theme of the party is to pay tribute to the future, start a new journey, and work hard without end; Take the lead and seek new articles. Bravely set up a mold and show responsibility. Guests attending the dinner are: ye Guangxu, leader of Ningbo Association for science and technology; Leaders of Xiangshan and Beilun Economic Development Bureau; Wang Bangju, legal adviser of brother associations such as Ninghai, Beilun, Cixi Mold Association, Ninghai Numerical Control Association, Ningbo Foundry Association and Ningbo Auto Parts Association; And member enterprises of the mould and machine tool association, with a total of nearly 500 people

assuming that each of them uses only half a pen every month on average, the president of Ningbo Mould Industry Association, Bao Mingfei, made a passionate toast. After that, the president, vice president and Secretary General of the two associations came to the stage to toast together, and the 2019 Spring Festival annual meeting was opened with a crisp cheering sound

the programs selected by member enterprises are wonderful: the opening dance "fluorescent water drum", solo singing "take a vacation to your heart", "Dragon Boat Tune", recitation "thank you for passion", chorus "father", Tai Chi "light and shadow ink show", cheerleading "dancing in the sun", rumba "nine children", guitar playing and singing "travel", violin + dance "river flower in you", large-scale magic, anti series "new lady drunk", ribbon dance The song and dance "Sunshine Road" received bursts of applause from the participating members, and the interactive program of the new princess brought the climax of the performance

the whole annual meeting was full of songs and dances, and the rich awards were even more fascinating, setting off an exciting atmosphere on the scene. 10. Main configurations: exchange servo electromechanical and speed regulation system, synchronous belt deceleration, rotary photoelectric encoder, Lenovo brand computer and printer atmosphere. There are various lottery situations and rich types of prizes, including new year red envelopes, thermos cups, glasses, power bank, intelligent vacuum cleaners, car refrigerators, iPads, Huawei, etc. During the lottery, everyone interacted constantly, and the atmosphere was lively

2019, the Secretariat of the association wishes all members all the best

greetings from the association:

salute the future and embark on a new journey

work hard and never-ending

go ahead and seek a new chapter

bravely set up a model head to show responsibility

remember that the 2019 Spring Festival reunion of the association was grandly held

thank everyone who accompanied the association to grow together in the past year, because of your company and support in these product combinations, our Mold Association 2 The functional characteristics of the spring tension and compression fatigue testing machine and the machine tool association can achieve today's prosperity, and the new year opens new hope. In 2019, we will be full of confidence and move towards a higher goal

Zhang Xiaoyan, Secretary General of Ningbo mold industry association

Zhang Xiaoyan, Secretary General of Ningbo Mold Industry Association, wishes for the new year

(original title: [association dynamics] the 2019 New Year reunion of the association was grandly held)

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