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New York printing enterprises in the United States have introduced Heidelberg yinba qm46 two-color printing machine

Coeur noir, Inc., located in Brooklyn, New York, is a professional printing company with a seven-year history of equipment supplies. The company recently installed a Heidelberg yinba QM 46 two-color printing machine printing technology. This transaction greatly improves the printing quality of short edition printing, and greatly improves the printing tools that the company can eliminate this kind of competitive advantage in terms of price after verification

Konstantin grab, one of the founders of the company, said: we have always hoped to control the quality of printed matter and the stable speed of printing operation to UV radiation at the same time, and the use of Heidelberg qm46 has greatly improved the printing quality of the company's products, met the requirements of customers, and won more customer equipment consumables for us

sinopino started with letterpress printing at first, and then continued to expand its service range, and increased the printing market of special printing services such as bronzing and engraving. Through word-of-mouth from customers, simbino has always had good word-of-mouth printing technology in the industry

therefore, when considering the purchase of offset printing machines, simbino is not willing to risk its reputation for printing tools. Greber said: the high quality of Heidelberg is the biggest reason why we buy this equipment. Only the high-quality products produced by high-quality moisture absorption small machines can capture the hearts of customers

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