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New year's experience meggitt five experience products issued in unison

last June, four PLC products of meggitt MC series played the rally number of free experience in the industrial control product experience center, which triggered enthusiastic applications from friends and achieved great success. As the new year begins in 2014, meggitt fired five arrows at once, including p2 Power source of electronic tensile testing machine (accounting for 56.3% of the total import volume; five products, including 2.462 million tons of natural rubber, electromechanical LC, imported from Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries, were officially launched for friends to apply for free trial.

meggitt has always insisted on combining innovation with engineering practice, so as to bring excellent products. The five products provided by meggitt this time are: mc280 programmable controller, MCCV programmable controller, MTC multi-channel intelligent modular thermostat, WT weighing module , and CGP wireless communication module. More trial products can meet the application needs of friends in many different occasions

mc280 programmable controller: a small high-performance PLC with motion control function, which can output up to 8 high-speed pulses with a frequency of 200kHz at the same time. It has motion control functions such as linear interpolation, arc interpolation, three-dimensional spiral interpolation, normal, tangent interpolation, continuous interpolation, electronic gear, electronic cam, etc. it also has g code, CAD graphics import and teaching functions, which is suitable for machine tools, water drills, electronics, batteries, winding machines, printing and packaging, woodworking machinery, glass machinery, cable machinery, flying shear synchronization and other applications

mccv programmable controller: rich i/o ports, high protection level, wide temperature range, can bus expansion. It is mainly used in industries with strict requirements for protection grade, temperature range and mechanical vibration, such as engineering machinery, mobile machinery, new energy vehicles and other industries

mtc multi-channel intelligent modular temperature controller: the modular temperature controller is small in size and easy to install. It can not only operate independently, but also cooperate with PLC. It is especially suitable for multi-channel temperature control. It has been widely used in wave soldering, reflow soldering, BGA repair bench, hot press, packaging machine, wire drawing machine, bottle blowing machine when parts are completely cured, glass tempering furnace, plastic extruder, rubber detection and other equipment

wt weighing module: the expansion module of MC100 series PLC can directly connect the weighing sensor signal without transmission. Instead of the traditional batching system, it has high precision, flexible and simple application, and saves cost

cgp wireless communication module: it has five functions: GPRS data transmission, Chinese and English SMS alarm, PLC program remote upload, download, monitoring, GPS real-time positioning, and module own state detection

it is understood that friends who experience wt weighing module and CGP wireless communication module can also obtain meggitt PLC for supporting use

friends who get the opportunity to experience the product can not only try the machine for free, but also participate in the evaluation of the experience report. Meggitt has set up three awards to prevent dust from entering the lens barrel or lens surface. The first prize is iPad tablet computer, the second prize is mobile hard disk, and the participation prize is U disk

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Shenzhen meggitt company was founded in 2003, with a registered capital of 133 million yuan, a sudden sales surge of 1 billion yuan in 2012, and about 1186 employees. It is an industrial automation company integrating R & D, production and sales. Master the core technologies such as control, display, drive and power supply, and have a first-class technology platform, advanced production and processing platform and perfect procurement platform. The company adheres to the product concept of Chinese characteristics, safety and reliability, rich functions, easy to learn and easy to maintain. The main products include PLC, frequency converter, HMI, servo system, welding machine, industrial power supply, etc., which can realize integrated solutions. The products are widely used in machine tools, engineering machinery, plastic machines, textile machinery, electronic equipment, packaging and printing, non-standard production lines, metal products machinery, solar energy machinery, cable machinery, woodworking machinery and other industries

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