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New year starts well: Sany group takes the lead and Yangfan sets sail

New Year starts well: Sany group takes the lead and Yangfan sets sail

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in the face of 2015, which is full of opportunities and challenges, Sany group has sounded the new year's horn in advance, and Yangfan sets sail

At the beginning of the 2015 new year, Premier Li Keqiang held an executive meeting of the State Council on January 28, which deployed to speed up China's equipment going global, stressing that it would improve financial support policies, broaden the channels for the use of foreign reserves, play the role of policy finance, and provide financing facilities. In this regard, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Export Import Bank of China jointly issued a document to provide financing guarantee for the product export of equipment manufacturing enterprises and the overall "going global"

the new year started well: Sany group took the lead and set sail

the country strongly supported China's equipment industry to go global and transfer domestic excess capacity. At the same time, domestic infrastructure investment is also quietly heating up, which is undoubtedly significant good news for Sany group, the leader of China's construction machinery. In addition, the country has previously released the "the Belt and Road", "Yangtze River Economic Belt", "Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration" "Free trade zone construction", "new urbanization" and other economic strategies will bring multiple dividends to the rapid development of Sany domestic and foreign markets


good news continued in overseas markets, and large orders doubled performance

in 2014, sales in Sany overseas region repeatedly achieved good results. By November 2014, Sany North Africa had completed its annual sales task one month in advance; The sales volume of Sany Asia Pacific has historically exceeded 1.8 billion yuan, and sany Asia Pacific has achieved a six fold increase in performance in five years

at the end of the year, on Christmas day of 2014, Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sany automobile"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, signed a major sales contract with Venezuela foreign trade company for construction machinery, vehicles and accessories, and planned to sell a total of 1.114 billion yuan (about 178.75 million US dollars) of products to Venezuela foreign trade company. These equipment contracts were directly purchased by the Venezuelan government, The contract object includes the complete set of concrete machinery, excavation machinery, hoisting machinery and other related engineering machinery products and accessories of A8 mortar master. Sany automobile has received 50% advance payment from Venezuela foreign trade company. The first products of this large order were shipped at the beginning of this year. In the later stage, Sany will also provide overall solutions, including sending professional service personnel to Venezuela for special maintenance and repair of equipment, and training operators for Venezuela

On January 17, 2015, the port of San Jose, the second largest port of Guatemala in the Caribbean region of central and North America, welcomed the first batch of Sany port machines with 6 balanced heavy forks. For this reason, the port authority held a grand press conference, Guatemalan president Otto? Peres came to the scene and cut the ribbon for the event. At the event site, President Peres boarded the heavy fork equipment with great interest and carried out a test drive under the guidance of the operator. After feeling the excellent performance, he couldn't help praising the Sany equipment with the tradition of "thumbs up because of the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries" of the Latin nation. President Peres also shook hands with Feng duo, a Sany service engineer who was working on the site, and took a group photo as a souvenir, encouraging Sany to provide more high-quality equipment for the development of Guatemala

coincidentally, accompanied by the Chinese ambassador to Ethiopia, Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome and his delegation recently inspected the Adama wind power project. President muratu Teshome and his delegation visited the booster station, structure area and Adama phase I wind farm of Adama phase II wind power project, and personally started Adama phase II wind turbine 72. On site Sany staff introduced the general situation and progress of Adama phase II wind power project to the president, and operated and demonstrated the entire wind farm electronic control system. The President affirmed the project construction and equipment quality, saying that China's construction standards and equipment can help Ethiopia continuously improve infrastructure construction and improve the level of social development. President muratu Teshome held his thumb high and highly affirmed Sany's fan equipment and on-site staff after hearing that Adama phase II wind farm started and generated electricity four hours after power transmission on October 4, 2014, and fulfilled the commitment of "power transmission and power generation on the same day"

On the morning of February 2, 2015, at the invitation of the Indian Embassy, Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, attended a luncheon hosted by the Indian Embassy to celebrate the visit of Indian Foreign Minister svaraj to China. During the banquet, Indian Foreign Minister Swaraj and Ambassador Ashok Kant delivered speeches respectively. In their speech, they fully affirmed the great contribution made by SANY to India's economic development, and hoped to use the power of Sany to make "made in India" rush out of India and go to the world

as early as 2002, Sany has entered the Indian market. In 2007, Sany invested US $60million to build an industrial park in Pune, India. Sany Pune Industrial Park is the first production base established by SANY overseas, and it is also the first example of China's construction machinery industry building factories overseas. As the pacesetter of Sany's internationalization, Sany India Company is based locally and has introduced and trained a large number of localized marketing service personnel. At present, more than 90% of Sany India's employees are Indian; According to the actual situation of Indian market and customers, Sany India takes excavators, crawler cranes, truck cranes and other products as its local main products. In 2014, Sany India took the first place in the market share of crawler cranes at one fell swoop, and sany has been getting better in the Indian market

the overseas market promotes the rapid development of Sany

nowadays, Sany has a rapid growth momentum in the overseas market, and internationalization has entered an era of comprehensive profitability. Sany group has achieved breakeven in its four overseas manufacturing bases and six overseas regions, and the scale effect is beginning to appear. At present, overseas performance has accounted for nearly 1/3 of the company's overall performance. Many domestic securities stations are optimistic about the development momentum of Sany, and have published research reports one after another, optimistic about the export prospects of Sany equipment, believing that it has the earliest layout in overseas markets and the highest degree of localization. In the medium and long term, overseas markets are expected to become the main driving force for the future growth of Sany

domestic article

the dual transformation has achieved good results. Sany ranked first in the industry in terms of revenue and profit in 2014

as early as 2012, Sany began to improve itself from inside to outside, from manufacturing reform to process reform, from extensive management to refined management, from stabilizing domestic to intensive international, from traditional business to new business development, and sought transformation in management, market and business. Through the dual transformation, Sany has gained new momentum of rapid development and maintained a leading and healthy development in the construction machinery industry. In the first three quarters of 2014, the listed company Sany Heavy industry achieved a revenue of 26.739 billion yuan, providing a basis for spring design and a net profit of 1.592 billion yuan. In terms of total revenue and total net profit, Sany Heavy industry continues to rank first in the industry and become the leader of the industry

the domestic market accelerates, but once a good opportunity for development is found, it is reported that the Chinese government will accelerate the construction of 300 infrastructure projects with a total price of 7 trillion yuan (1.1 trillion US dollars) in 2015. These infrastructure investment will be used in seven industries: oil and gas pipelines, health, clean energy, transportation and mining. This is another round of new development opportunities for the domestic construction machinery market, and the signs of the accelerated development of Sany domestic market are also beginning to appear

while Sany's overseas orders attracted attention, Sany Heavy energy received a good report on January 26, 2015, announcing that it had won the wind power orders of nearly 800million yuan in four bid sections of China Huaneng Group at one stroke. This large order has injected confidence and vitality into the new development of Sany wind power industry. Sany Heavy energy has carried out close cooperation with Huaneng Group since its establishment. Huaneng Group has purchased Sany wind power equipment from three wind farms successively, and recognized the quality and service of Sany equipment. This time, Sany Heavy energy marketing team seized the opportunity and obtained the largest single order of nearly 800million yuan through unremitting efforts. At the same time, Sany Heavy energy's wind power phase II project in Adama, Ethiopia, has a contract amount of more than 600million yuan, with a total installed capacity of 153 MW, all of which use 102 se7715 fans manufactured by Sany Heavy energy. This is the largest single wind turbine export order in China so far, and Sany Heavy energy has surpassed domestic wind turbine manufacturers in terms of the installed capacity of overseas wind turbines

"how can happiness make the polymerization activity of epoxy monomers equal to the activity of carbon dioxide? Researchers adopt high selective catalyst" and heavy machinery and heavy machinery took the lead in launching the 2015 spring joint exhibition

in February 2015, taking advantage of the strong flavor of the year, the "sharing happiness Sany" of Sany Heavy Machinery Division and the "2015, let us be better" spring national joint exhibition of Sany Heavy Machinery Division have been launched first

on February 9, 2015, Sany Heavy Machinery Hongtong group held a grand spring ordering meeting with the theme of "enjoying happy Sany" at Sheraton Hotel in Yantai Development Zone. In just three hours, hundreds of customers from Shandong Province enthusiastically responded to the generous feedback of Sany Heavy Machinery and Hongtong group before the Spring Festival with more than 100 orders, and jointly opened the "door of happiness" in 2015

according to statistics, the annual excavator sales volume of the industry in 2014 was 92583. Sany still maintained the leading position in the industry with a market share of 14.7%, continued to lead the excavator industry, won the first place in the national sales volume for four consecutive years, and became an undisputed leader in the industry. More importantly, Sany service has become a recognized standard in the industry, and Sany Heavy Machinery has achieved the first service brand for five consecutive years

Sany Heavy lifting division is a core enterprise under Sany Heavy Industry. Through rapid development, Sany crane business has a rapid upward momentum, and has made outstanding achievements in product upgrading and quality improvement. At present, Sany crane not only has a complete product line, but also has a full range of products from truck cranes, all terrain cranes, cross-country cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes and truck mounted cranes; In the competition of truck crane market in 2014, the heavy lift business division caught up with and surpassed its strong competitors with a large market share advantage, and began to show its king style; At the same time, in the customer survey of BMW Shanghai 2014, Sany truck crane has won the favor of many customers and become one of the Sany products that customers are most interested in

recently, Sany Heavy Lift issued an invitation letter to customers for the spring national joint exhibition of "2015, let us be better". Sany Heavy Lift sincerely invites all interested customers and looks forward to opening wealth and sharing a better life with customers. The joint exhibition activities will run through the new concepts of "global Sany, around you" and "value up, life up and career up", and launch the "crowdfunding deposit, one for ten" preferential purchase activities. At the same time, there are super cash awards and exquisite gifts. We look forward to all customers consulting Sany Heavy Lift's local agents for details of the activities

in the new year, we should embrace the new normal and seek great development through dual transformation

at present, the construction machinery industry and even the entire manufacturing industry are under the background of two drastic changes. On the one hand, the macro economy has entered the "new normal", and the construction machinery industry is in a period of deep adjustment; The other party

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