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The beginning of the year attracted global attention. The popularity of 2019 Shanghai pulp week was ahead of schedule.

affected by the changing situation of China's paper industry and the prominent contradiction between pulp supply and demand, the popularity of 2019 "Shanghai international pulp week" was ahead of schedule. After the paper chamber of Commerce opened a new global online registration system at the beginning of the year, the participation and registration of domestic and foreign pulp and paper industry, government, investment, finance, trade and other fields and institutions were enthusiastic, At present, the number of registered people has reached more than half of the conference scale

at present, China's paper industry is in a special period of difficulties and contradictions. As the opening drama of the global pulp and paper industry, The "Shanghai international pulp week" on March has become an important platform for industry insiders to solve the contradiction between supply and demand, find a standard double time effect system (900 ℃ 2H), and seek development opportunities.

"Shanghai international pulp week" With a history of more than ten years, it is scheduled to be held in Shanghai in the third week of March every year. While China has become the world's largest purchaser of pulp, Shanghai pulp week has also become the world's largest annual pulp event. Every spring, more than 1000 representatives, including leaders, experts and business teams of companies from major pulping and papermaking regions in the world and representative enterprises in the fields of domestic pulping, papermaking, trade, investment and consulting, will appear in major hotels near Nanjing East Road in Shanghai on time

since last year, due to the continuous impact of China's economic downturn and a series of economic reform policies, there are no unreasonable customers. The pattern of China's paper industry and the survival of enterprises are facing an important test, which has brought variables and challenges to the stability of the global pulp market in 2019. Operators can only rely on their rich experience to adjust. China's economic situation and the difficulties of the paper industry have once again become the hot spots and priorities affecting the trend of the global pulp market

with the theme of "the changing situation of China's papermaking industry and the trend of the global pulp market", this pulp week invited leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, economists, international and domestic industry experts, especially senior executives of large enterprises in the domestic and foreign pulp and paper industry that use VB and VC languages to prepare programs, to attend the meeting and make a speech to jointly study and discuss how to cooperate, win-win and market-oriented between paper enterprises and pulp suppliers in a complex external environment, Follow the trend and jointly maintain the stability and balance of the global pulp market

the main topics and contents of this year's pulp annual meeting are: the unknown impact of China's economy on China's paper industry, the impact of the decline of 10million tons of output on pulp demand, the bottom of the decline of China's paper industry, game or collaboration, the challenge of the changing situation of the paper industry on the pulp market, the impact of the waste paper gap on pulp demand, the trend of global pulp industry integration, overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese paper enterprises to solve the dilemma of raw materials Global wood chip supply and demand trends, pulp market risk prevention and control, Russian forest pulp project investment analysis, etc. Economists from the domestic macroeconomic field, experts from the global pulp and paper industry, entrepreneurs, executives, experts from investment and consulting institutions will make wonderful speeches and dialogues on the above topics

at present, the main high-level enterprises that have been identified to participate in the meeting or sponsor are: Huatai Group, sun paper, Nine Dragons Paper, China paper, Vida paper, HengAn paper, Bohui paper, Asia Pacific Senbo, Jianhui paper, app, Stora Enso, UPM, Fenlin group, goldfish pulp paper, bull pulp, Aruku, CAMCE international, IP, GP, Asia Pacific Resources and other major global pulp, paper and investment institutions

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