The hottest new York is the global core radiation

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New York is the core of the global radiation. Samsung's new qled TV is about to set off a visual revolution storm.

every March is a collective Carnival in the color TV industry. Each family has launched new products, trying to make a "good start" at one stroke. As a leading brand in the global color TV industry, Samsung TV's new product launch has always attracted much attention. It is known as the weathervane of the color TV industry and will affect the industry development trend in the next 1-2 years, or even 5-7 years. Recently, Star Electronics, which has developed a 3D printer configured with multiple materials, announced that it will unveil Samsung's 2018 qled TV series on March 7, US Eastern time, instantly igniting the enthusiasm of global "star fans", and also focusing the world's attention on New York, expecting Samsung TV to bring another surprise to refresh the "visual" industry

why New York

throughout the past few years, Samsung will choose New York to launch every time it releases heavy new products, or when it attaches great importance to and places expectations on new products. New York is a leading city and port in the United States, and it is also one of the largest economic centers in the world. In 2017, the regional GDP of New York has reached US $900.7 billion, which has a direct impact on the global financial, media, political, entertainment and fashion circles

the reason why Samsung chose New York to host the global launch of new products is that its intention to expand the influence and awareness of new products is very obvious, which is enough to see Samsung's confidence in new TV products. As the center of the global economy, New York's radiation power is unmatched by any city. Samsung chose to launch new products in New York not only to make it acceptable to ordinary consumers around the world, but also to lead the development trend of the industry. "Conquering New York can conquer the world". Not only in New York, Samsung has been firmly ranked as the world's top seller for 11 years, and has set a record of 5300 TV sales per hour in the world. Moreover, the pull range of products is different.

as a leader in the global display industry, Samsung has been committed to using leading technology and excellent products to meet the diversified needs of consumers. It has not only led the technological changes in the industry time and time again, but also profoundly affected people's lifestyle with in-depth insight into consumers and unique design concepts. Samsung is changing the world with strong scientific and technological creativity

what are the expectations of the new TV

1, 75 inch large screen burst

in the past, the color TV industry has increased at an average rate of 2 inches per year, and the speed has accelerated significantly in recent years. It is estimated that in 2018, the proportion of 65 inches and above will reach more than 80% in the price range of more than 10000 yuan. In Samsung's view, the living room has fully entered the era of 75 inch full screen, and large-size products of 75 inch and above are bound to become a highlight, which is also likely to become the main size of Samsung TV in 2018

2, 8K era is coming in advance

the prosperity of large size naturally brings the rapid arrival of high resolution. On CES, Samsung released 8K artificial intelligence technology, which can transform any video content into 8K effect through machine learning. At this new product launch, 8K AI technology will still be a major attraction expected by consumers

3. TV will become the center of IOT

at CES 2018, Samsung announced the strategic blueprint of IOT, and the Internet of things is taking into reality. As the hub of smart home, TV is undertaking more and more tasks. It can be seen that TV will become the center of IOT. According to the situation announced by CES, Samsung's new TV will be equipped with Bixby to achieve breakthroughs in speech recognition and intelligent search

4. Qled fully evolved

for the qled route that Samsung has always adhered to, the improvement of qled related data will naturally be the main focus of new products. However, it is worth noting that in Samsung's view, qled is not only a display technology, but also the standard of high-end TVs. It can be predicted that in addition to better image quality, Samsung's new TVs will achieve greater breakthroughs in design and intelligence, and continue to expand the use of TVs

5. Never turn off the environmental screen

the painting wall art TV released by Samsung last year completely overturned the traditional concept of "turning off is black screen", creatively created a new concept of 24-hour non turning off, and can be perfectly integrated into the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry. There is a lifestyle with low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. Therefore, many media predict that Samsung's new TV may inherit this concept, launch a new "environment screen" and redefine the meaning of "shutdown"

in a short time, Samsung TV's 2018 new product line will unveil the mystery, and a new round of "visual" boundary leather, such as tensile strength, elongation at break, constant tensile stress, constant stress elongation, yield point tensile stress and yield point elongation, is about to roar. With New York as the core and radiating all over the world, Samsung TV will show unprecedented high-end life experience and visual enjoyment

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