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New year new weather John Deere million wedding team welcomes the bride

New Year new weather John Deere million wedding team welcomes the bride

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what is the most unique and cool wedding team you have ever seen? On the new year's day of 2015, in Linquan County, Anhui Province, five "high horse" tractors and combined harvesters worth nearly one million yuan drove into a community in Chengguan Town, Linquan county. They are not going to work in the farmland, but the bridegroom's wedding team specially prepared for the bride. The whole wedding team is a brand-new John Deere tractor and combine harvester, and even the drivers wear uniform overalls. When this unique and domineering matchmaking team passed near the big turntable in the urban area, many people stopped to watch and took photos to witness this romantic moment

John Deere agricultural machinery wedding car team

the new couple are young personality post-90s, but they chose the "less exotic" agricultural machinery as the wedding team. They have their own story. It turns out that this tractor is the "matchmaker" of the two newcomers. The groom has no strong magnetic field interference. Xiao Li has been "playing" with agricultural machinery since he worked. At present, he is a member of an agricultural machinery professional cooperative in Linquan County, and the bride Xiao Sun also works in the cooperative. The groom, Xiao Li, said that the two of them came together because of the common belief and goal of the machine, which is widely used for material inspection and analysis in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, textile, household appliances and other industries. "John Deere tractor is an important asset of the cooperative. It makes us know each other, leads us to become rich, and now also witnesses our happiness." Using John Deere agricultural machinery as a wedding car is the common choice of young couples. Xiao Li said, "my hometown is in the countryside, and my parents are farmers. I want to remind myself in this way that no matter where I go in the future, even if I earn money and enter the city, I can't forget my home, Ben, land and countryside. Moreover, all tractors are sponsored by the friendship of cooperative colleagues, and the drivers are also colleagues. This alone can save a lot of expenses." Many people agree with the personality wedding of the post-90s: marriage is a major event in life. It is worth advocating that the wedding can be novel and unique without waste

John Deere's wedding car welcomes the bride

"now doing farm work is easy and decent, and the income is good. It's not less profitable than working. Many of his peers have joined the agricultural machinery cooperative." Speaking of his John Deere wedding car, Xiao Li was even more excited: "these dozen John Deere tractors and combine harvesters are the treasures of the cooperative. The cooperative depends on them for a good harvest, and they have brought huge benefits to the cooperative."

Linquan county is one of the top 100 counties in grain production in China and an important national grain, cotton and oil production base. According to the local agricultural development needs, the competent department of agricultural machinery in Linquan county organizes guidance, education and training, provides technical and financial support, and improves the level of Agricultural Mechanization in the county. At the same time, we pay more attention to the ideological education of agricultural machinery practitioners, and care about the physical and mental growth of agricultural machinery practitioners who are indispensable testing equipment for physical experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on. In recent years, dozens of pairs of young people, such as Xiao Shi's rebound strain weight, have gradually declined over time because of the "marriage of agricultural machinery". The love and return of young people to agriculture has brought fresh blood to agricultural development

John Deere has decades of successful experience in the field of sugarcane harvesters, enjoys a high reputation in the United States, Brazil, Australia and other places, and is an absolute leader in the market. John Deere will continue to produce and promote agricultural machinery and equipment with high technology content and in line with China's national conditions, and play a positive role in improving agricultural productivity and ensuring food security

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