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The role of printing in integrated marketing communication (II)

educating customers with successful cases

sharing market research results is a way to educate customers, but successful cases can also give your customers the power to move forward. In addition, it also provides an opportunity for printing service providers to show their uniqueness. To stand out from many competitors, you must be able to provide customers with the most cost-effective solution. For example, pressek is very good at helping customers achieve successful, efficient and cost-effective multi-channel marketing activities. Last fall, the company introduced to many listeners how its di digital offset press completed the low-cost variable data printing project

they have produced 20000 postcards containing the recipient's name and Personalized Address. First, they use pressek52di digital offset printing machine to print color patterns, and then use a digital printer to add personal information and personalized pages. This hybrid printing method reduced the cost of direct mail printing by half

in this way, problems can be easily solved. It is also necessary to communicate with the recipient through e-mail. Of all the potential customers who responded to the postcard, 40% will be converted into loyal customers. By combining print and multimedia, recipients can not only respond more easily, but also make marketing companies more different from their competitors who want to love you

pay attention to environmental protection

another factor to consider is whether the marketing materials you provide are produced by environmental protection process. This is a hot topic in the market, and it is also related to your corporate image

in the past, we never stopped our follow-up visit. Offset printing often uses a large number of chemicals, and wastes a lot of water and paper. But today, we already have a more environmentally friendly printing method. Almost all well-known printing plate technology suppliers can provide customers with some type of chemical free plates. This not only eliminates harmful chemicals, but also reduces the costs and risks associated with the procurement, management, storage and handling of chemicals. In addition, the appearance of waterless printing machine also provides a new printing method of water saving and environmental protection. These printing machines not only reduce the use of master paper, but also shorten the production cycle of live parts and improve the speed of job preparation

the above are a few ways for your company to improve its capacity, profitability and competitiveness in a challenging market environment. Your customers will look at you with admiration for your ability to meet their business communication needs in a sustainable way because the new regulations do not stipulate the verification requirements for extended gauge distance, and for printing with environmentally friendly processes

the importance of printing to marketing

in my opinion, printing is still the most economical and effective way to disseminate marketing information. However, in order to further enhance the position of printing in the whole marketing communication activities, we must realize that it is only a key element in the process of information communication. It must be combined with other media (e.g. video, audio, TV, e-mail, Internet, etc.) to maximize its role

in a word, printing is the igniter of other media in integrated marketing activities. We should not ignore the impact of other media on printing, but we should also correct its position in integrated marketing communication. At the same time, we should always share some valuable information with marketing companies that need such services

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