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"Love" unmanned driving: the grounded road roller becomes taller in seconds

"among them, the cr929 aircraft body structure will adopt composite materials in a large area." the unmanned driving industry ranks among the top 4 in China: the grounded road roller becomes taller in seconds

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it is boring to drive repeatedly on the same road? Panic when working on dangerous sites? Precise driving on the specified route but "shaking hands"? How many times do you want to steal With the application of "driverless" technology, there is hope to solve these common problems in the operation of traditional rollers. A few days ago, the author saw in Zhongda machinery on Yongfu Road, Liuyang high tech Zone that tens of tons of road rollers can also realize driverless operation

various domestic industries, especially construction machinery, are gradually changing to the intelligent trend. In the domestic construction machinery market, driverless technology has always been a hot topic in the automation field. According to heshunjun, head of the Mechanical Technology Department of CUHK, driven by the industry trend and market demand, the company has been involved in the research and development of intelligent rollers since 2013. At present, 32 ton and 36 ton models are being tested at various construction sites across the country

"driverless rollers have a wide range of applications, including large dams, airports and highways." Heshunjun told Jinan testing machine factory that WDW (1) 00h pipe ring stiffness testing machine is mainly applicable to various pipe ring stiffness testing experiments. The author described the advantages of the intelligent driverless system of this vibrating rolling machine. Taking earth rock dam construction as an example, the rolling of earth and stone is a key construction process, which has strict requirements on rolling speed, times and tower connection distance. Relying on manual operation, it is easy to get tired, boring, off track The accuracy is not high. In the unmanned mode, the roller can achieve accurate and tireless operation within a certain range only by inputting correct parameters according to the on-site operation environment and requirements. "It can be finished without any deviation by pressing it several times, how thick it is, and what kind of line it follows." Heshunjun is full of confidence

how to complete such "accurate and intelligent" road rolling? He Shunjun introduced that this driverless roller of Zhongda machinery is composed of three parts: the vibratory roller body, the reference station and the main control room. Among them, the reference station is composed of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), which has the function of positioning service. The main control room contains a server and a computer, which can realize information exchange by sending instructions. The three are interconnected, and "unmanned driving" can be realized in combination with the later application of software

"during the R & D process, we cooperated with relevant scientific research institutions to determine the main framework. The institutions repeatedly transformed the technology according to the feedback of field tests to ensure the rolling accuracy and reliability." Heshunjun introduced that the company continuously debugged parameters of all parties to ensure that the driverless "fool implanted" operation can be directly copied into each machine. After the intelligent roller is "on the road", it can not only realize more "intelligent" road rolling, but also form a complete set of data lists for the compaction thickness, times records, compactness reports and even the phenomenon of missing compaction in the later stage, providing data support for technicians, but also eliminating the possibility of "cutting corners" in the operation process

"how wide is the signal command of unmanned driving effective?" The author learned that at present, the company's intelligent roller signal can cover at least 15 kilometers, and can realize multi machine linkage to maximize the availability of signals. Taking into account the surrounding multiple unmanned vehicles, the company has formulated a medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan to 2020 to drive the actual operation of the roller. Heshunjun said, "one person can operate several rollers at the same time, which is also a good news for enterprises to solve the problems of difficult employment and high labor costs."

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