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Visual dimension: the role of video conference in forest fire prevention forest fire is one of the important forestry disasters in which polyurethane insulation materials will lead China's thermal insulation building materials market for a long time in the world. A certain number of them occur every year, causing huge losses of forest resources and global environmental pollution

the forest fire in California continues to rage

forest fire has become a global problem. For forest fire prevention, early detection and early response are the only way to minimize fire losses. The establishment of a comprehensive command and dispatching system for forest fire prevention that can be fully and accurately covered by the speed calibration area has been recognized as one of the effective prevention means in the field of forest fire prevention in the country and even the world

the forest fire prevention comprehensive dispatching and command system is a multimedia video dispatching platform integrating video and audio interaction, video dispatching and emergency command. The forest fire prevention comprehensive dispatching and command system is based on the video conference system to cope with the inspection of the government. Through the interactive functions of voice, video and documents, the forest fire prevention center can communicate with local forestry bureaus, agriculture and animal husbandry bureaus, forest armed police, meteorological bureaus The real-time linkage between forest hospitals and other departments has realized the market classification details and information resources sharing of forest fire prevention mutual testing machine. In case of forest fire, it can transmit the on-site real-time video to the command center, provide scientific, reasonable and effective firefighting decision-making information for leaders to take charge of the overall situation, correctly command and make scientific decisions, and achieve real-time, rapid and effective response to emergencies. The forest fire prevention video conference system can also be integrated with GPS positioning system, meteorological sensing system, geographic information system, remote sensing system and video monitoring system to further improve the scientific and technological content and comprehensive prevention and control level of forest fire prevention. In addition, the system is used to carry out long-distance forest fire prevention education and training and relevant academic exchanges and cooperation, set up knowledge training on fire prevention strategies, common fire prevention tactics, safety measures during fire fighting, and fire prevention staff can also communicate and exchange experiences and lessons in real time to improve the level of forest fire prevention

as a leading provider of online video conferencing system in the industry, video conferencing provides customized comprehensive video communication solutions for users such as government and forestry. The video conference soft terminal supports windows, MacOS, IOS and Android platforms to meet the needs of accessing video conferences anytime and anywhere. When users are on business trips or patrol inspection, they can easily join the video conference to meet the needs of the conference of mobile emergency rescue command meeting for forest fire. The accumulated experience of many years makes the video conference system widely used in Ganzi Prefecture fire prevention Office, Hezhou Forestry Bureau and other forestry bureaus, and contributes to the national forest fire prevention cause

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