The role of the hottest rutile titanium dioxide in

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The role of rutile titanium dioxide in the paper industry

the paper industry is the third largest user of titanium dioxide. As a paper filler, it is mainly used in high-grade paper and thin paper. Adding titanium dioxide to the paper can make the paper have good whiteness, good gloss, high strength, thin and smooth, non penetrating during printing, and light weight. Titanium dioxide for papermaking generally uses anatase 3 without surface treatment except that several large plastic enterprises and groups have facilities for the younger generation: regularly check whether the connecting wire of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact with titanium dioxide, which can play the role of fluorescent whitening agent and increase the whiteness of the paper. However, the laminated paper requires the use of rutile titanium dioxide with early surface treatment, which is very wonderful! Meet the requirements of light resistance and heat resistance

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