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The role of e-commerce in the printing industry

the speed of information technology change in the world today is dizzying. With the continuous emergence of high and new electronic technologies, the Internet economy has greatly accelerated the process of e-commerce and economic globalization

I. informatization is the only way for the development of printing enterprises

informatization is the basic driving force for the development of science and technology, and also an important support for the development of high-tech industries. The infrastructure construction of the information industry. At the same time, the construction of the information port (digital port) has effectively promoted the development of related industries, and the printing industry is no exception

enterprise informatization refers to the communication of enterprises and is an important part of social informatization

because the interconnection is accelerated by the increasing bandwidth, the ability of PDF to transmit printed digital information is accelerated. The printing industry has eliminated regional boundaries and language barriers. It can be reached in a very short time from the west to the east of the global village through Internet, e-mail and other transmission services, and has become a reality. The business distribution of publishing houses, newspapers and printing houses at home and abroad has become the development and extension of information network technology and the necessity of the development of the information age

II. E-commerce is a tool to improve the efficiency of the printing industry. Comrade Jiang Zemin pointed out: "e-commerce represents the development direction of future trade."

enterprise e-commerce is a highly automated business and production process based on advanced information technology, which uses the Internet to transform the traditional business ability to complete the testing and production of various mechanical performance indicators such as compression spring, tension spring and torsion spring into a highly automated business and production process in which light and electricity are information tailoring. It uses the high-speed information network to expand the production and management of printing enterprises from the internal to the printing industry, so that printing enterprises can timely obtain various information related to business and the purchase of materials such as paper and PS. it can not only realize remote printing, but also make full use of the design and production capacity of other printing enterprises to outsource and group products, so as to improve product quality and corporate image

business to business e-commerce is usually called "BtoB" mode, which is the whole process of transaction activities and administrative operations between merchants and customers on the Internet with the help of electronic information technology, Internet technology and modern communication technology, in accordance with the specified principles and management norms. Its impact on printing enterprises the main material tensile testing machine is a precision instrument and equipment for testing the properties of metal, non-metal, rubber and other materials. It should be reflected as follows:

(I) changing the competitive mode of printing enterprises

e-commerce will greatly change the living space of enterprises. It can provide enterprises and customers with more choices and opportunities to explore the market, promote enterprises to improve their ability to innovate, develop new products and provide new services, and make enterprises expand from conventional competitive methods to intangible virtual competitive space

(II) changing the competitive base of printing enterprises

the most significant manifestation of e-commerce changing the competitive base of enterprises is that it changes the transaction cost. It has the characteristics of high one-time investment (initial cost) and low variable cost, which makes it easier for printing enterprises with larger annual transaction volume and more customers to gain profits and competitive advantages when developing e-commerce. At the same time, e-commerce has changed the basis of the impact of the size of printing enterprises on their competitiveness. For example, in the traditional sales channels, the competitiveness of large booksellers and small booksellers is very different, but in e-commerce, the competition between the two has become almost insignificant. Similarly, e-commerce can provide nearly equal business opportunities for large, medium and small printing enterprises

(III) changing the competitive mode of printing enterprise image

the experience of book purchasing shows that the company provides customers or readers with a full range of books and periodicals, discounts, flexible conditions, reliable security and friendly interfaces, which will continuously improve the efficiency of the bookstore. With the increase of e-commerce activities, the printing enterprises will also benefit from the distribution of "logistics" companies. At the same time, e-commerce provides a virtual space for printing enterprises to display their products and services in an all-round way, and can display their enterprises in an all-round way through "I · vis" to expand their business, so as to improve the popularity and business reputation of printing enterprises, change their corporate image and improve their competitiveness

at present, to promote the informatization of national economy, it is important for printing enterprises to seize the opportunity of joining the WTO, overcome the aspects incompatible with the WTO, highlight service and efficiency, and create international competitiveness. From a national perspective, the focus is on three aspects: enterprise informatization, financial electronization, and electronic commerce with comfortable and durable touch. The relationship among the three is: enterprise informatization is the foundation, financial electronization is the guarantee, and e-commerce is the core. Therefore, printing enterprises should take developing and promoting the implementation of e-commerce as their obligatory history

III. The role of the Internet in the development of printing enterprises cannot be ignored

in the information age, printing enterprises are the most important ways and means for modern printing enterprises to produce and market business activities, and the prerequisite for the promotion of e-commerce

internet is the largest computer interconnection network in the world. It is a collection of computer networks that use Internet protocai IP to connect and transmit information all over the world

internet is recognized by the international community as a network economy that promotes the progress of human society and improves the benefits of enterprises. From the following points, we can see that Internet produces a variety of benefits for enterprises

(I) the Internet has brought cooperation and competition strategy, created a virtual operation platform

the Internet has provided information exchange conditions for enterprises, enabling enterprises to apply "electronic data exchange system" or "production, financing and operation support integrated information system" through the Internet to realize data exchange and information sharing with suppliers or partners, so as to integrate the resource competition strategy of the cooperative community, At the same time, the virtual operation of enterprises can be implemented smoothly

(II) the Internet brings direct contact between enterprises and customers, and provides through train services

the Internet provides a two-way communication channel between enterprises and customers. On the one hand, customers on the global network can always understand the products of enterprises, obtain information services, purchase products or high reliability feedback; On the other hand, the enterprise immediately grasps all kinds of customer information, and the two sides establish direct contact and interactive communication, so as to shorten the physical distance with customers, directly provide products, services and relevant information to customers, and reduce sales expenses and costs

(III) Internet provides an innovative platform for enterprises and provides integrated services

enterprises can provide customers with more products or services and realize products, services and information with the help of digital information

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