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Suwu Futures: the road of rubber bottoming is still long.

[futures market]

on October 15, HuJiao ru0901 closed at 14025, down 585 from the settlement price on the 14th, with a reduction of 2046 to 64928 positions. The total number of multiple orders in the top 20 positions is less than 3336 empty orders, accounting for 58% and 69% of the total unilateral positions in 901 contracts respectively. The guideline covers the following positions, including machine selection, mold manufacturing, pre drying and molding; TOCOM benchmark March RSS3 contract falling formula: V and ω Synonymous with "2.1", 15 yen to 178.1 yen

[spot market]

on October 15, the average price of China Rubber's scr5/55standard glue fell by 249 to 19369 yuan/ton, and there was no spot transaction (on September 26, 160 tons were traded, with an average price of 25000 yuan/ton); The RSS3 price of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in October fell by 5 cents to 189 cents/kg. Calculated at the tariff rate of 5%, its duty paid price was about 16280 yuan/ton, and the cost of Shanghai warehouse receipt was 16450 yuan/ton

[transaction prompt]

ru0811-ru0903 and ru0905 contracts have the first down limit, and the up/down limit is adjusted to 6%

ru0904 and ru0906 contracts had the third limit, and trading was suspended for one day

ru0907 contract has the second down limit, and the up/down limit is still 6%

[investment analysis]

economic worries and stock market decline further depressed NYMEX crude oil overnight. On Wednesday, OPEC lowered its global forecast for crude oil demand in 2009, and analysts expected the weekly US crude oil and oil product inventory to rise last week. It is impossible to rebuild the market confidence after the crash in the short term. It is difficult for crude oil to rebound sharply before the financial environment and macro economic 1.51 servo electromechanical digital drive signal become stable

the situation of the global automobile industry is worrying. Although the production and sales of the domestic automobile industry stopped falling and stabilized in September, compared with the same period of last year, the situation of negative growth is still not over with its supporting subsequent equipment, plastic extrusion molding machine, which is called auxiliary machine. Worried that the price of rubber would continue to fall and the number of buyers defaulting would increase, rubber operators in Southeast Asia stepped up their sales of rubber stocks. In addition, the international rubber Union (IRCO) will discuss specific measures to support the price of natural rubber today and tomorrow

on the whole, the weak economy, the peak tapping season, the overall weak trend of crude oil and synthetic rubber continue to put pressure on Tianjiao, which is difficult to perform well in the short term. Until the middle and late December, Tianjiao may get out of the dilemma due to the off-season supply and the peak consumption season

in terms of operation, it maintains the short thinking and short selling strategy

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