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There are many things about stopping work before the year. You can't stop it casually. As the owner, the following points need to be done well before shutdown

I. ensure the completion of individual projects

it is necessary to ensure that all individual projects are completed before shutdown. If a project cannot be completed within the scheduled shutdown date, it is best to start after one year. Due to the strong mobility of construction personnel, it will be difficult to ensure the unity and integrity of the construction process if the construction personnel change after the year

II. Detailed construction acceptance before the year

before the shutdown, the owner needs to accept the project completed by the shutdown. If there is a problem, write the problem clearly in the acceptance form to the decoration company. At the same time, ask the other party to have a simple written commitment: when and by what means to solve the problem

III. It is necessary to sign a shutdown agreement

the owner should sign a shutdown agreement with the home decoration company before the shutdown, which can effectively avoid disputes. Generally, the construction site that has stopped work should be sealed. How can the project manager and decoration save money when resuming work? On, free design budget quotation. Workers and owners jointly unsealed. It is better to indicate the unsealing and resumption time, construction period plan, and inventory of items in the shutdown agreement, which shall be signed by both the project manager and the owner. In order to prevent accidents on the construction site, the owner should also reserve the contact information of the personnel on duty

IV. do a good job of site inspection

the Spring Festival is coming, and the house under decoration will be suspended for half a month to one month. During this period, due to the unguarded construction site and the sharp increase in fire, electricity and gas consumption during the holidays, the fire incidence rate was extremely high. Therefore, before the shutdown of the construction site, attention should be paid to the inspection of wires, electrical appliances, decoration materials, and the addition of sheaths for pipes, doors and windows, so as to prevent electric leakage, pipeline frost cracking and other hazards, and prevent fires. In short, the construction site inspection before the shutdown should be done well to ensure that everything is safe

v. count the decoration materials

before the shutdown, the owner had better be able to check and accept the construction site together with the construction party, register the quantity of on-site items and materials, record the indoor water, electricity, gas and other data, and sign for filing. Generally, the items stored on the construction site include materials provided by the decoration company, materials purchased by the owner and workers' working tools. The decoration company usually stacks these three types of materials separately. The owner can check according to the remarks column of the cross year project door closure record form filled in before the year




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