Fresh and clean 103 modern style three bedroom dew

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Building area: 103.18 ㎡

case house type: three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

case style: Modern

case name: Deville wardrobe mall Prague

Design Description: choose black and white tones to create a home space at one go, and the visual unity also makes the overall feeling of home more comfortable

103.18 ㎡ house type display

living room

novel modern style residence, skillfully master the transformation of material levels and color proportion in the space of black and white tones, and reconcile the calm and introverted preference of residents with the comfortable feeling of residence. The layered fresh tomorrow pattern board shape inadvertently raises the visual height of the space, and has also become the standard for the separation between the living room and the restaurant


looking around, the collocation of black and white blooms through large-scale application, and extreme colors directly impact the eyes, creating a very strong sense of modernity

master bedroom

in the bedroom, the designer neutralizes the seriousness of black and white with bright yellow, creating a more relaxed rest place

children's room

the black-and-white collocation of the study gives people a cold feeling in many times, so add some flowers and plants in the study to alleviate this feeling. In addition, the soft light projected by the ceiling lamp complements the indoor light and makes the space look fuller

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