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With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to home decoration. In home decoration, the kitchen and bathroom are the places that spend more energy. At present, there are many brands of kitchen and bathroom functional ceiling in the market, and consumers are often distressed to choose a genuine kitchen and bathroom ceiling. In order to help consumers choose products correctly, we summarize the following five points about the purchase of integrated ceiling:

[tip 1] products are only semi-finished products, and design and installation are very important

integrated ceiling, three parts of materials and seven parts of packaging. In every brand store, we can only buy raw and cold metal materials at a marked price. Only through professional designers and installers can these materials be transformed into an integrated top that conforms to the overall style of home decoration

[tip 2] gusset plate is not thick, but material and texture.

in order to confuse the public, many businesses often take the thickness of gusset plate as the reason to sell high prices. In fact, the aluminum gusset plate commonly used now is divided into low, medium and high grades, including only three materials: coated plate, roller coated plate and anodized plate, and the unification of these three materials is formed by different treatments on the surface of aluminum substrate. The plate made of recycled aluminum not only cannot be made thin, but also because the source of the material is unknown, it is likely to produce radiation, affect health, and be more prone to rust and surface layer peeling. At the same time, among the three materials, the coating materials of low-end product coated boards and the coating of mid-range product roller coated boards are more likely to be used by non environmental friendly low-quality coated layers and coatings by poor manufacturers, which will not only fade and peel off quickly, but also release harmful gases during use, causing “ Decoration disease &rdquo

[tip 3] electrical safety is very important. Polish your eyes and choose a brand.

integrated ceiling includes two core items, ceiling and electrical appliances. Although the accidents of heating lamp explosion, ventilator roar and wind heating leading to fire are frequently performed in home decoration, there are still many integrated ceiling manufacturers that do not have the production capacity of electrical appliances at all, and they pieced together inferior electrical appliances in the concept of integration to form “ Ceiling + electrical appliances ” Low price packaging tactical sales. Therefore, we must polish our eyes in the beautiful ceiling colors, judge whether the brand has the production capacity and quality assurance of electrical appliances, and jump out “ Integration ” This concept asks yourself, if you install this brand of electrical appliances on your head, can you enjoy the happiness of bathing

[tip 4] auxiliary materials are key “ Gold only structure ” The safest choice of integrated ceiling is often misled by merchants, who only pay attention to the materials that can be seen after installation. In order to increase profits, manufacturers secretly adjust materials in auxiliary materials (the installed theme framework, including triangular keel, main keel, suspender, hanger, etc.). Compared with the integrated ceiling, the auxiliary materials are equivalent to the foundation and beam column of the building, so that many ceilings are installed less than two years, and the ceiling deformation, subsidence and even collapse are caused by the corrosion or inability of auxiliary materials to bear the load

[tip 5] after sales service cannot be ignored

after the ceiling is installed, the aluminum gusset plate is not easy to break, but the service life of electrical appliances is limited, and we should also pay attention to the warranty time of electrical appliances. The warranty period of many integrated ceiling products is short, and many dealers replace inferior and thin materials with inferior ones, which seriously damages the interests of consumers. Therefore, consumers should choose those integrated ceiling products with good sales service, good brand reputation and long warranty period

not all metal ceilings are environmentally friendly, but there are advantages and disadvantages. Poor quality metal plates contain heavy metals, which have radiation to human body. High iron content is easy to rust. Poor quality film coating is easy to breed bacteria. Some high-quality metal plates are environmentally friendly

at present, there are many international and domestic brands in the integrated ceiling industry. The Chinese characters are the same, and the English registration is different, which has nothing to do with international and domestic brands. It is suggested that consumers should choose professional brands when purchasing integrated ceiling, and do not be confused by the so-called international and domestic brands and buy inferior products




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