Vanke insists on decorating the house unswervingly

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On February 20, Vanke held a media communication meeting on the "Anxin flooring incident". Vanke said that there was no systematic risk in the company's procurement management. If the investigation finds that there are problems in product quality, Vanke will bear full responsibility. At the same time, this incident will not have an impact on Vanke's strategy, and Vanke will continue to unswervingly adhere to the decoration of the house

if there is a problem, we are willing to take full responsibility

"on the second day of the incident, we announced the list of all projects involved in the procurement of Anxin solid wood composite flooring, involving 29 projects in 16 cities." Tan Huajie, Secretary of Vanke, said, "the first batch of rechecked flooring was sent to the quality inspection agency on the 17th. It is expected that the inspection report can be obtained as early as February 27, and the subsequent batch of rechecked flooring will also be obtained as late as mid March."

Yu Liang, President of Vanke, said that if the investigation found that there were problems in product quality, Vanke would bear full responsibility. If it is found to be unqualified, Vanke will replace it all and compensate the customer for the loss. According to the reporter, the samples of the two buildings involved in Chongqing Vanke, Tixiang county and langrunyuan, have been sent to the relevant departments for inspection

Andersen is not the largest supplier

it is understood that Vanke's centralized procurement of flooring began in 2008. Due to the huge business scale of Vanke, no single supplier can meet the procurement needs of Vanke, so the company has always cooperated with multiple suppliers

in fact, Andersen is not the only flooring supplier of Vanke, nor is it the largest supplier. In terms of procurement proportion, the centralized procurement amount of Vanke Group in the past three years has accumulated 553 million yuan, of which the procurement amount of Anxin flooring is 131 million yuan, accounting for only 23.7% of the total procurement of Vanke flooring, which is lower than 37.5% of icon and 30.3% of maple in North America in the same period

adhere to the decoration of housing

as the domestic decoration material industry is not yet mature, the relevant national standards need to be further improved. For enterprises, decoration delivery is more difficult to manage and operate than blank delivery

nevertheless, Yu Liang said, "if we don't do it, it means that customers need to face all kinds of problems in decorating the house by themselves. Therefore, we won't change the strategy of decorating the house because of this matter, and we will stick to it."

"in any case, we firmly believe that decorated houses are one of the future development strategies of the country, one of the development trends of the industry, and in line with the national green strategy. We cannot give up because of the difficulties and pressures now."





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