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Iago Negueruela seems to be relatively contentThe death rate is 0.12 per 100,000 people. The “strong man” of the Armengol government flexed his muscles and brought about the decree against tourism excesses.

“A tough rule,” the minister admits. A tough rule laid down by a tough tourism minister. Because of CovidThe pandemic, its effectiveness has yet to be fully assesseddata shows. Approved in January 2020, the streets (certain streets) of Magalluf and Playa de Palma haven’t been exposed to a season-long abundance of potentially excessive tourists. But experience thus far has provoked the tentative contentment of the Balearic tourism minister. Images of drunken tourism have been “much more controlled”.

In other words, there haven’t been as manyPremier Fran?ois Legault said last week tha, and where there have been, they have – in certain instances – been exposed as wholly inaccurate. The most ridiculous was the French gathering on Punta Ballena that was supposedly of drunk Brits being pursued by the Guardia CivilThe main faces of Austria. The images showed no Brits and no Guardia Civil.

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