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Jietong Huasheng speech synthesis service Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway

ctiforum on December 27 (Yang Yi): on December 26, the Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway was opened to traffic, and Jietong Huasheng speech synthesis (TTS) technology provided warm tips for passengers across the country at all platforms of the high speed railway. Passengers, please note that the speech synthesis effect of Jietong Huasheng for Guangzhou is comparable to that of real people. The clear, smooth, natural and warm speech broadcasting effect makes busy people feel comfortable

except for Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway, the synthetic sound of platforms along the national high-speed railway is supported by Jietong Huasheng speech synthesis (there are many ways to use TTS) technology, and the speech synthesis effect is well received by passengers all over the country. In order to better improve the quality of service, Jietong Huasheng launched Lingyun platform to help the human-computer interaction (HCI) industry through the advantages of cloud computing. Lingyun is a kind of cloud service that can use voice, handwriting, photography, gestures, and even intelligent means such as brain wave recognition to operate and perceive digital devices such as computers in the future. With the advantages of cloud, Lingyun TTS provides customized services for users' diversified synthetic needs. Because the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway runs through the north and south, and China's regional culture is different, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun provides customized speech synthesis services for this purpose. For example, Cantonese speech synthesis is used in the speech broadcast of Guangzhou railway station. When the local voice is remembered in the ear, it not only calms the passengers' impatience on the return journey, but also warms the hearts of passengers on the long way

in addition to the voice technology of Jietong Huasheng applied in the national high-speed railway, it is also applied in the voice of all kinds of navigation broadcasting, the voice of Bank Queuing, the voice prompt voice of call center IVR, the interactive voice of voice assistant on intelligent terminal, the voice of APP application broadcasting. Lingyun's voice technology serves the daily life of hundreds of millions of users across the country. At the same time, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun also provides English, Japanese, Russian, German The synthetic selection of dozens of foreign languages such as Italian can fully meet the actual needs of large stations, railways and international airports in many aspects such as information services and internationalization, and bring intimate voice services to users at home and abroad

in addition to the powerful voice technology provided by Lingyun, intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies such as handwriting and OCR also serve a wide range of users. Taking handwriting recognition (HWR) technology as an example, handwriting input is the most frequently used form of human-computer interaction between people and machines in the touch interface. Lingyun's handwriting recognition (HWR) engine is more suitable for Chinese people's input habits, such as overlapping, line writing The combination of multiple features of circular writing provides a convenient form for Chinese users' handwriting input. Jietong Huasheng Lingyun's technologies have provided technical support to thousands of well-known enterprises such as Baidu, Sogou, Lenovo, HTC, Huawei, HP, and NavInfo, providing them with the best human-computer interaction (HCI) technology in the domestic and foreign markets

at present, the Chinese speech technology market share of Jietong Huasheng has reached 50%. With the cloud computing ability of Lingyun, the core technologies of Jietong Huasheng are all large. Dr. ryntz said that when presiding over a round of material innovation discussion, the Chinese speech synthesis technology has surpassed the overall level at home and abroad, reached the world-class level, and has been recognized by the industry. With the popularization of intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) technology, the 2012 smart cloud conference of Jietong Huasheng was held in Beijing. With the advantages of cloud computing, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun provided users with unfair enterprise wide structure, product structure and technical structure, which urgently needed to be adjusted for customized technical support. Various human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies will also be more refined to provide professional services to industry users, Help set sail for the development of China's human computer interaction (HCI) industry! For more information, please visit Lingyun station ()

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