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Jilin chemical fiber group has put into operation a 5000 ton carbon fiber precursor production line

recently, Jilin chemical fiber group company learned that the company's 1000 ton carbon fiber production line is under intense preparation, and has now entered the stage of discussing the introduction of equipment with foreign experts

the project leader said excitedly: "Building the largest carbon Valley in China is the expectation of our Jilin people. On the basis of the smooth production of the 5000 ton carbon fiber precursor project, our company has accelerated the pace of development this year, taking the extension of the carbon fiber industrial chain and the construction of a 1000 ton carbon fiber production line as an important part of restructuring and revitalization of the local economy, and also providing a guarantee for the reconstruction of a Jilin chemical fiber during the 12th Five Year Plan."

the capacity of carbon fiber precursor production line put into operation by Jilin chemical fiber group company at the end of last year is the largest in China. The person in charge calculated an account for us: the same is 1 ton of acrylonitrile, which can produce 1.1 tons of acrylic fiber, with a price of more than 20000 yuan. If we produce carbon fiber precursor, we can produce 1 ton of products. According to different varieties, the price is 45000 ~ 500000 yuan, which greatly increases the added value of products; If we continue to produce carbon fiber, the economic benefits will be more considerable

"the technology of this set of precursor production line is independently developed by us. Relevant experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering said that its products are the only carbon fiber precursor that can replace imports and can be used in high-tech fields in China." The person in charge said

however, due to the lack of carbonation capacity of domestic downstream carbon fiber production enterprises, the production line cannot be produced at full capacity after the project is put into operation. To this end, the company adjusted its development strategy and formulated a plan to build a carbon fiber production line with an annual output of 1000 tons at the beginning of the year. The annual consumption of carbon fiber precursor is 2000 tons, and the problem of "insufficient food" in the precursor production line can be easily solved, which not only effectively reduces various production consumption, but also adds a high value-added product to the company

since the quality defects of the precursor are generally reflected through carbonization, the carbonization production line can help improve the quality of the precursor and provide technical support for the basic research work of downstream carbon fiber products. At present, the company's work of building a carbon fiber R & D center and installing a pilot scale carbonization production line has been in full swing. "If it goes well, the R & D center can be put into use by the end of next year." The person in charge said excitedly

like Jilin chemical fiber group, Jiyan high tech fiber Co., Ltd. is also making bold exploration in the field of carbon fiber, and takes extending the industrial chain as an important means to promote development. Zhaochuntian, the chairman of the company, said that the company aimed at the market demand, vigorously developed carbon fiber products, and achieved carbon fiber production. 5. The demand of small enterprises for experimental machines: 6. The demand of foreign capital and large enterprises for experimental machines went hand in hand with the extension of the industrial chain

since this year, the company has adhered to both hands, focusing on the civil development of carbon fiber while strengthening the production of carbon fiber at the overshoot end

in terms of extending the downstream industrial chain, the company invested 500million yuan to build Jilin carbon fiber products industrial base project. Among them, the annual output of 80000 carbon fiber composite bicycles with a total investment of 200million yuan has the capacity to mass produce 5 models and 15 carbon fiber composite bicycle parts and complete vehicles, and the continuous emergence of new materials

"after the road racing and mountaineering cars came to the market, we turned our attention to the folding cars, children's cars, recreational vehicles and other fields, and the products will also be available. At that time, more consumers will share this high-tech product, and the development of the company will thus take a new stage." Zhao Chuntian said excitedly

Jilin Xingyun industry and Trade Co., Ltd. also takes the civil development of carbon fiber as an important means of structural adjustment. The company and Hong Kong Shijie Co., Ltd. jointly invested 715million yuan to build carbon fiber carbonization and products center and other projects. At present, the preliminary work of the project has been carried out in an all-round way

The head of Xingyun industry and trade company said that as the key work of this year, they adjusted their investment direction to the development of carbon fiber products. At present, automobile lightweight is advocated all over the world, which fully expands the space for the application of chemical products in the automotive field, including automotive interior products, composite materials, etc. In order to realize the annual production capacity of 4million vehicles in Jilin Automobile Industry, the local demand is very large. Carbon fiber has broad application space in aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive and other industries. The company invests in this project to make a difference in these fields

since this year, Jilin chemical enterprises have shown their skills in the carbon fiber industry. Jilin Huineng Technology Co., Ltd. has put into production the project with an annual output of 50000 square meters of carbon fiber electrothermal film; Jilin Jinhui carbon fiber composite Co., Ltd. has invested 120million yuan to build a project with an annual output of 8000 tons of carbon fiber SMC, 2million square meters of carbon fiber prepreg, and 2million carbon fiber molded products; The project of Tianjiu group with an annual output of 10 tons of carbon fiber composite core wires and automobile lightweight parts started in the second half of the year, and it is planned to produce samples by the end of the year

"facing the broad development prospect of carbon fiber, Jilin chemical enterprises are accelerating the pace of research and development, striving to realize the extension, scale and serialization of carbon fiber products as soon as possible, and contributing to the maturity of China's carbon fiber technology." The person in charge of Jilin national carbon fiber high-tech industrialization base said with confidence

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