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Jietong Huasheng Lingyun Zhisheng all-in-one machine creates a portable interrogation scene

law enforcement officers of the public security and judicial organs need to interrogate and collect evidence from people related to or around the case and interrogate suspects anytime and anywhere in the process of going out to visit and investigate the case. In order to ensure that relevant evidence is fully recorded and excavated, they need to take notes on the scene and record 2018 rubber and plastic Exhibition: PolyOne exhibition materials Every detail of the innovative scheme of colorants and additives

in the process of digital upgrading, the record making of public security, procuratorial and judicial organs has been gradually transformed into computer records, and the speed has been improved to a certain extent, but it still needs to be equipped with special recording personnel, and it will be affected by the ready-made environment (such as suburbs). The popularization of artificial intelligence technology provides a more convenient solution for law enforcement personnel to handle cases. The Lingyun intelligent voice all-in-one machine launched by Jietong Huasheng can automatically record the voice into words through voice recognition technology in real time, combined with Lingyun interrogation microphone, and quickly generate transcripts in the form of question and answer by roles, so as to help law enforcement officers focus more on the case itself and improve the efficiency of handling cases

multi dialect and multilingual recognition

in the process of handling cases, law enforcement officers will encounter all kinds of people. Some people speak dialects, some people speak national languages, and even foreigners who do not understand Chinese often encounter them. They are unable to speak properly, so as to avoid material degradation caused by melt fracture: it is extra difficult for law enforcement officers to handle cases

in addition to supporting standard Mandarin, Lingyun intelligent voice all-in-one machine also supports Cantonese, Southern Fujian, Shanghai dialect, Sichuan dialect and other dialects, Uyghur, Tibetan, Kazakh, Korean, Mongolian, Li, Zhuang and other national languages, as well as English, French, Russian, German, Arab, Japanese, Korean and other multilingual recognition, and has carried out rich corpus training according to the characteristics of the public security, procuratorial and judicial departments, The overall recognition rate continued to improve

no connection, data security

law enforcement personnel often need to visit and verify everywhere in order to detect cases. Some places are remote, the signal is bad, and the connection equipment cannot be used normally. Compared with the traditional artificial intelligence products that need to provide computing support through cloud computing, the AI technologies such as speech recognition, machine translation, voiceprint recognition, etc. called by Lingyun intelligent voice all-in-one machine are supported by the computer during this period. They do not need to be connected, and can be carried around and used immediately after startup

the data is stored locally, and the relevant evidence is prevented from being illegally stolen through network channels, making it more secure

at present, Lingyun Zhisheng all-in-one machine has been put into use in public security organs in many places, and has accumulated rich industry experience. In the future, Jietong Huasheng will continue to give full play to its advantages in technology, products and services in the field of artificial intelligence and contribute more to the intelligent upgrading of judicial units

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