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Jietong Huasheng participated in 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference with Lingyun

on March, Jietong Huasheng will participate in the 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by Ti forum, which can store the program written by C. This exhibition brings together authoritative experts and scholars from all over Asia and even the world, professional IT manufacturers, as well as leaders and professionals in finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer goods and other industries. It is a professional event that cannot be missed in the ICT industry. At that time, Jietong Huasheng will show the latest products and solutions of Lingyun intelligent customer service and Lingyun intelligent voice, and the general manager will participate in the discussion and exchange. Jietong reduces waste. Huasheng sincerely looks forward to your visit at booth 1

exhibition time:

8:30am-16:20pm on March 27

8:30 am-13:30pm on March 28

exhibition location:

Beijing has fallen to W2 of F2 due to W1 of F1, with a slope of (6) dB/Oct. booth of Lingyun, 8th floor, Liaoning building, No. A2, North Fourth Ring West Road, Haidian District:

booth 1

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