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Jilin chemical fiber has successfully developed high-performance flame-retardant fibers

at present, environmental protection, safety and health have increasingly become the focus of attention, providing a huge application market for high-temperature flame-retardant fibers and filter materials. Jilin chemical fiber group company firmly grasped this space for efficiency, optimized the product structure, expanded the market field, and accelerated the pace of new product research and development. Therefore, during molding, it mainly improved the processing activity by increasing the temperature, and successively successfully developed high-performance flame-retardant fiber series

giwal flame retardant viscose fiber takes natural plants as raw materials. In the production process, the pre spinning injection blending technology is used to add special phosphorus flame retardant. The perfect combination of flame retardant medium and fiber ensures permanent flame retardant protection. The fiber has the characteristics of flame retardant, heat insulation, non melting dripping, etc., while maintaining the original fiber characteristics of regenerated cellulose fiber

this fiber adopts the special flame retardant for viscose with high efficiency, halogen-free and permanent flame retardancy developed and produced by Jilin chemical fiber. It is the only phosphorus viscose fiber flame retardant that has been industrialized in China at present, which fills the domestic gap and has obtained the national invention patent. Jiwal flame retardant viscose fiber has passed the regulation certification of EU reach "registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals". The fabric blended with 5% and 0% gewal viscose fiber and 50% aramid fiber has also passed the 1612 standard certification of EU flame retardant protective clothing en iso1, which will not pollute groundwater

jiwal flame retardant viscose fiber has good safety, flame retardancy, softness, moisture absorption and drainage, air permeability, natural antistatic and degradability. It is a permanent environment-friendly flame retardant fiber, which makes people feel comfortable while ensuring safety

due to its many advantageous properties, the fiber has been widely used in the field of fire fighting clothing, French police uniforms, polo shirts, CNOOC, anti-static clothing of power system, EU smelting clothing, naval submarine clothing, water-resistant baby mattresses in Britain and the United States, civil bedding curtains, etc

in China, more than 80% of the lining of fire fighting clothes, the special battle clothes of the Chinese armed police Falcon commando, the special battle clothes of the Chinese Snow Leopard Commando and the training clothes of the Second Artillery Corps are made of a large number of materials, and the first VCC pilot plant in China has successfully tested jiwal flame-retardant viscose fiber produced by Jilin chemical fiber

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