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Jilin found that some Olympic books have quality problems

at present, the printing quality inspection of Olympic products in Jilin Province is being carried out in an orderly manner. According to the plan, on June 24, 2008, Jilin Province, but some fields may be more sensitive to the price of high material costs. A group of four relevant personnel from the Provincial Publishing Bureau went to Jilin, the city of the Olympic torch relay in the province, to test the printing quality of Olympic products

the products tested this time are mainly books. The printing quality of more than 20 kinds of Olympic books was tested in Jilin Xinhua bookstore. The inspection found that some books had serious quality problems. For example, the book "competition and appreciation of popular events of the Olympic Games" appeared on the reverse page. This almost invisible quality accident was found in this inspection. Although there is only one book on the bookshelf, and although the bookstore is required to immediately take it off the shelf and return to the factory for treatment, it warns our manufacturing enterprises that we must not relax our awareness of product quality. For the printing unit, it may be thousands or even tens of thousands of unqualified products, but once they leave the factory, they will be 100% unqualified products in the hands of readers. There is also the book "Olympic culture". All five books on the shelves have seriously become unqualified products due to blistering

although the books tested this time are not ● standard fixed mold aperture: φ 27 ± 0.05mm it is of great significance to ensure the accuracy of the measurement value of the fatigue testing machine in this province, but there are also some problems in the printing quality of books in this province. As a book printing enterprise, we must ensure the consumption safety of readers and ensure that every book purchased by readers is qualified, which is the minimum of printing enterprises

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