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Jilin determines the work priorities of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Jilin determines the work priorities of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

February 25, 2002

January 30, Jilin chemical fertilizer and pesticide industry association held a meeting to clarify the work priorities in 2002 with improving services and promoting industry development as the core content

-- promote the construction and transformation of urea based compound fertilizer project. Jilin urea based compound fertilizer engineering department, which is jointly composed of Jilin fertilizer and pesticide industry association, Jilin Huaxiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hai'an machinery factory, Jiangsu Hai'an Chunguang machinery and Electronics Co., Ltd., and Jihua River

South Design Institute, was established to provide a one-stop delivery of

key engineering services for the new urea based compound Hefei project, focusing on "new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing"; Reforming the drum granulation compound fertilizer plant; The new construction and transformation project of urea based compound fertilizer should first be based in the province, and then gradually radiate to other provinces in Northeast China

-- promote the in-depth development of agrochemical services. To continue to consolidate the original 6 national agrochemical clothing, double the number of samples should be taken for re inspection; If there are three test pieces that do not meet the requirements of the re inspection results, the service measures and functions of the service center should be further improved, and the training of professional personnel should be strengthened because the shape and size of bolt fasteners are different, the demand of large load and the requirements are different, which increases the difficulty of the tensile test of metal bolt fasteners. We should pay attention to the allocation of testing instruments, do a good job in the special fertilizer, and integrate the production of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with scientific fertilization, pesticide application and elimination of public hazards Combine environmental protection organically, summarize and promote the typical experience of the agrochemical service center, give play to the typical demonstration and leading role, give play to the enthusiasm of the agrochemical science and technology service team, and improve the soil testing formula and the proportion of soil testing and fertilization in the whole province

-- open up and implement the raw material channels of compound fertilizer and special fertilizer. Do a good job in the coordination of raw materials such as urea, ammonium phosphate, potassium

fertilizer, heavy calcium, zinc sulfate, etc. required by the production of the enterprise. The supply of raw materials should adhere to the quality and quantity guarantee, the price is reasonable, and the supply of

goods should be timely. In addition, while ensuring the timely supply of key plastic experimental machine structures and users throughout the year, we will try our best to adjust the agent to other manufacturers to meet the production needs of enterprises to the greatest extent and better serve enterprises

-- conscientiously publicize and implement the new standards and new labels of compound fertilizers (compound fertilizers), resolutely crack down on fake and inferior behaviors, and establish a good brand image and reputation of compound fertilizers in Jilin Province

-- continue to do a good job in the development, introduction, promotion and application of new processes, equipment, technology and products of chemical fertilizers and pesticides; Reasonably adjust the structure of pesticide varieties and develop towards high efficiency, low toxicity and no pollution; Focus on the development of biological pesticides, build bioengineering bases, create pesticide consortiums, and strengthen the construction of information networks, pay attention to the collection and feedback of technical and economic information, and do a good job in information exchange for the development of green agriculture, forests, and grasslands

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