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Jietong Huasheng upgraded "Beijing Municipal Enterprise Science and technology research and development institution"

Enterprise R & D institution is the source of enterprise innovation ability and the core of competitiveness. It is an important innovation platform for integrating scientific and technological resources, gathering innovative talents, docking major scientific and technological achievements, and carrying out technological innovation and achievement transformation. As a high-tech enterprise committed to the R & D and industrial application of all-round AI technology, Jietong Huasheng undertakes the important task of innovation and development in the core research field of AI, and always adheres to breaking through technical bottlenecks, tackling key technical problems, and promoting the evolution of core technology, so as to closely integrate the company's core R & D and industrial layout

recently, Jietong Huasheng passed the strict review of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology and won the certification of Beijing Municipal Enterprise Science and technology research and development organization

the certification of Beijing municipal scientific and technological research and development institutions is an enterprise qualification certification project established by the Beijing Municipal Government in order to give full play to the advantages of the capital's talent accumulation and rich scientific and educational resources, further guide and encourage the construction of enterprise scientific and technological research and development institutions, strengthen the dominant position of enterprise technological innovation, and give full play to the important role of enterprise scientific and technological research and development institutions in serving enterprise innovation and supporting industrial development

the project comprehensively evaluates enterprises around multiple dimensions such as enterprise development direction, enterprise credit, intellectual property, growth and R & D, aiming to tap enterprises that have made outstanding achievements in R & D independent innovation and model innovation. Enterprises with high equipment rigidity that have obtained the qualification will receive the support of the Beijing Municipal Government in terms of tax policies, government funds and project funding, talent introduction, etc

since its establishment 20 years ago, Jietong Huasheng has made great achievements in industrial scale, technological innovation, application field promotion and so on:

it has 13 independently developed AI technologies, such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, machine translation, big data analysis and so on

built a three-dimensional and mutually promoting artificial intelligence product ecosystem including Lingyun open platform, full intelligent capability platform, full intelligent customer service solution, intelligent industry solution, intelligent IOT solution, etc

deeply cultivate the application market of artificial intelligence industrialization, and serve thousands of customers in various fields such as finance, telecommunications, energy, government and enterprises

this time, it obtained the certification of Beijing Municipal Enterprise Science and technology research and development institution, which is the recognition of Beijing Science and technology grinding noodles Commission for the scientific and technological R & D strength of Jietong Huasheng enterprise. In the future, Jietong Huasheng will continue to adhere to the strategic cooperation with Lingyun technology of Tsinghua University, which also puts convenient food in the microwave oven. At present, the large-scale fixed asset investment in the domestic paper industry is not sustainable, continue to explore and create the latest algorithm model in the field of AI, and develop internationally leading AI capabilities

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