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On December 23, as a leader in voice technology in the CTI field, Jietong Huasheng was invited to participate in the theme Salon of CTI industry application and market analysis. Lingyun's all-round intelligent customer service and Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system solutions won the 2016 CTI forum recommendation award

as a leading information service organization in China, the CTI forum recommendation award specially invites more than 100 industry experts in IP communication, CTI and call center, mainstream manufacturers and industry users to jointly select excellent technical products and solutions, which are benchmarking in the industry. At the same time, we will jointly discuss the impact of ICT innovative technologies such as cloud computing, big data and IOT on the future development of the industry in the context of Internet and cloud extremes

in the era of artificial intelligence + intelligence, Lingyun and integrators foresee the future of customer service center

the goal of Jietong Huasheng intelligent customer service products is to integrate multiple AI into all links of the contact center, so that machines can help people maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Wang Lu, marketing director of Jietong Huasheng, was invited to attend the award ceremony, focusing on the practical application of Lingyun's all-round intelligent customer service products in the CTI field, and expressed that Jietong Huasheng was willing to cooperate with integrators, share the opportunities of China's artificial intelligence industry, and work together to create a new future for intelligent customer service centers

relying on the in-depth technical cooperation support of Tsinghua University and giving full play to the advantages of Lingyun's all-round artificial intelligence technology, Jietong Huasheng has successively launched a variety of solutions, such as the intelligent voice navigation system for the front desk, the version, network version and entity robot version of the business process, the intelligent outbound robot for the feedback process and the intelligent voice analysis system for the background data, which truly realizes the customer service Automation and intelligence of the whole process of call center

Lingyun voice analysis customer service, call center big data marketing new future

Lingyun voice analysis system, which won this award, has achieved a new form of big data marketing by integrating the industry's top artificial intelligence technologies such as Lingyun voice recognition (ASR), semantic understanding (NLU), data analysis (BDM)

the analysis system can transcribe the call between the agent and the customer into text in real time, conduct real-time analysis, and display relevant information for the agent's reference according to the corresponding keywords. At the same time, it can provide comprehensive quality inspection scoring rules, and build a scoring system that fits the business of the enterprise by independently adding business terms, service taboos, emotion detection and many other items. More importantly, 100% data coverage and customized fields for big data analysis can provide enterprise managers with rich theme analysis functions such as business hotspots, business trends, and order generation rates

customer service cloud + all-round intelligent customer service makes service ubiquitous, intelligent and integrated

after years of deep cultivation in the field of customer service, Jietong Huasheng has a comprehensive intelligent customer service solution of version, network version and physical robot version, and has created a more intelligent cloud brain - Lingyun customer service cloud service platform for it

nowadays, Lingyun all intelligent customer service products have been widely used in all walks of life: build intelligent customer service systems on pages and for Agricultural Bank of China, China to select the required maximum load (i.e. range) of experimental machines according to the maximum load of experimental materials, postal savings bank of China, Pacific Insurance and other enterprises; Provide Lingyun customer service robots for Haidian state tax and Shijingshan state tax institutions that can achieve precise control of output; Provide physical robots for Huaxia Bank, China intelligent IOT, etc; Provide Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system for call systems in insurance, banking, telecommunications and other fields

in the future, Jietong Huasheng will further deepen its strategic cooperation with Lingyun technology of Tsinghua University and from Tsinghua, provide more perfect intelligent voice and intelligent customer services for banking, insurance, securities, communications, aviation and other industries, and work with partners to promote the ubiquity, intelligence, integration and integration of customer service, call center The historical transformation of profitability

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