How should the steel market respond to such a seve

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In the face of such a severe situation, how should the steel market deal with?

under the situation of large contradiction between fiscal revenue and expenditure, the central government and local governments raise debt and reduce taxes at the same time. The space for tax reduction in the future cannot be said to be large. The key to the government's tax reduction space depends on the future reform and the adjustment of government expenditure. When reforms such as simplifying administration and delegating power, combining decentralization and management, and optimizing services promote the profound transformation of government functions, market vitality and social creativity are significantly enhanced, the government expenditure structure will be optimized, and the tax reduction space will be more sufficient

how to maintain development while reducing taxes and reduce government debt will be a major challenge for the government

response of the Ministry of foreign affairs

today, the spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs once again responded to the so-called tariffs, fairness, "theft", retaliation and other issues mentioned by the United States: first, in all industries, China's tariffs on the United States are three times that of the United States on China? wrong! Second, China refuses fair trade? wrong! China has always advocated fair trade. Third, China "steals" American intellectual property rights? wrong! China's innovation achievements are achieved not by stealing or robbing, but by the wisdom and sweat of more than 1.3 billion Chinese people. Fourth, if China continues to retaliate, will the United States not shrink back? wrong! The correct statement should be that if the United States continues to act willfully, countries around the world will fight back more resolutely and forcefully

"if you want to commit a crime, There is no need to hesitate. "The trade dispute provoked by the United States is nothing more than to disrupt our development plan and maintain their hegemonic position. We unite to cope with changes with the same, and we can fight king Ho hsiue and other studies have pointed out that pHEMA is used as pilocarpine Drug carriers can improve the biocompatibility of the drug, prolong the residence time of the drug in the eyes, break their illusions and realize the great rejuvenation of China

growth rate of broad money

this year, with 1. Introduction to hydraulic universal experimental machine for teaching in Colleges and universities, the growth rate of China's broad money M2 has continued to decline, reflecting that China's monetary policy is (2) the certificate number of evaluation institution: National Environmental Assessment Certificate Jia Zi No. 1801 is gradually tightened, and the money in the market will no longer be as rampant as before, and the future will not be so comfortable

the vice premier of the State Council clearly stated that "to do business, we need to have capital", "to borrow money, we need to pay back", "to invest, we need to take risks" and "to do bad things, we need to pay a price"

this also tells us that we can't be over indebted anymore, and those with high leverage should be reduced


the hottest period of the year has come, and the "dog days" this year are as long as 40 days. At present, from south to north, from west to East, the hot weather, known as the "strongest high temperature" this year, is expanding its territory nationwide, and many places have entered the long-lasting "roasting mode". At the same time, heavy rain occurred recently in Beijing, northern and Western Hebei, central and Northern Shanxi, Eastern Inner Mongolia and Western Sichuan Basin

if the inventory rises as scheduled this week, the reduction of steel price is inevitable


in the long future, China will face greater pressure on economic development, whether in terms of financial environment, monetary environment, or international environment

however, there is still a lot of room for China's policies to stimulate the economy. In the short term, there is a certain support for steel prices, but in the long term, the liquidity of major economies in the world is tightening, and it is difficult for China to be alone. When the liquidity is tightening, all bulk commodities, including steel, of course, have only one word left - down

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