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Auto parts enterprises how to deal with low-cost competition

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in the market, different consumers show different sensitivity to the price and quality of auto parts. Understanding and using the price sensitivity of consumers by auto parts enterprises plays a key role in how managers attack when facing price competition without being pinned down by rivals

after analyzing consumers' sensitivity to price, different brands can be issued for different consumers to ensure smooth operation. In this way, enterprises can often emphasize quality factors and weaken price factors. Another way to avoid a price war is to remind consumers to beware of the risks of low prices, because inferior quality often goes hand in hand with low prices

in modern business, customers who pay attention to quality and many dealers have a special preference for high-quality auto parts enterprises, because in the process of distribution and operation, the trouble and risk to dealers are relatively low. Therefore, some auto parts enterprises with high-quality reputation have been very successful in the distribution channel, and are also favored by dealers. It fully grasped the real Hydrangea of customers and the psychological expectation of dealers to prevent risks. After the test, it turned off the influence of power operation and motor source, and returned operators to local advertising and marketing activities. Enterprises dared to admit their mistakes for not doing their work well, and stood at the commanding height morally. Therefore, enterprises do not need to use the bad policy of price reduction to ensure sufficient dealer channels

another weapon for auto parts enterprises to avoid or fight back against the price war is to let rivals know the other negative effects of price reduction and play the card of product differentiation. Show your product advantages and the differences with your competitors' products, as well as the consumer groups faced by this difference, and the impact of this group. Your competitors will not dare to act rashly, for fear that the price war will affect their existing market share and short-term profits

the last move of auto parts enterprises in the non price war is to seek assistance and appeal to stakeholders to lend a helping hand in the competition. If you seek government help, of course, not all companies can count on the government 6 The clearance between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder is large. However, Boeing can appeal to customers, suppliers, sales channel partners, agents, and other companies with common intentions in an email statement to jointly resist the price war, so as to avoid fighting alone and losing both sides. This is why we often hear of anti-dumping sanctions against Chinese parts and components products. It is also a good classic case of non price war

many price competitions in the auto parts industry occur because enterprises believe that reducing prices can improve their market share and profits, without considering the impact of price competition on the market as a whole. Disorderly price competition will only bring chaos to the industry and reduce the image of the industry. It will not increase the market share and profits of an enterprise as expected

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