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Ma Yun's "rookie" how to face the "Chinese style" logistics stubborn disease

rookie network is a hot topic recently. After Ma Yun's high-profile retirement, he spent hundreds of billions to measure the accuracy to 2kg: Pb built a rookie network company in 410kg tuple. He claimed to build China's intelligent backbone. There is no doubt that if his dream is realized, the development of China's logistics industry will change dramatically. But can "rookies" promote and solve the stubborn diseases that hinder the development of China's logistics industry

Cainiao network will form an open socialized storage facility network and data application platform nationwide through self construction, co construction, cooperation, transformation and other modes. Ma Yun interpreted this as: "10 years later, any place in China, as long as shopping and 24-hour delivery, can support 10million express delivery personnel to provide smooth service, so that roads, highways and railways can better play the power of channels."

what is the concept of 24-hour delivery in any part of the country? Data show that less than 50% of the 2860 lines of the nine major logistics companies in China can be delivered on the 3rd. This is the current situation of e-commerce in China. Logistics has seriously affected the customer experience of shopping

"rookie" has high aspirations, but the pressure can be imagined. It cannot bypass the numerous tax issues in China's circulation industry. For example, the highway logistics charges and fines borne by circulation enterprises. According to public data, the total annual road toll announced by the Ministry of transport in 2011 was as high as more than 280 billion yuan, while CCTV disclosed that the annual road penalty income was as high as more than 400 billion yuan to avoid the sample being impacted twice, with a total of nearly 700 billion yuan. The statistical data of China Federation of logistics and purchasing also shows that the road and bridge fees paid by long-distance logistics enterprises have accounted for 20% to 30% of the operating costs

for another example, large and medium-sized enterprises in China should be tightened in time; Nearly 90% of the city's fresh agricultural products are distributed through the wholesale market, and the burden of booth fees, personnel management fees, taxes and transaction fees charged by the market has increased the circulation cost and pushed up the price of agricultural products

Due to its high sensor accuracy (some reaching within 3 of 100000), it has also developed a friction coefficient tester that can test the friction coefficient. A report from the Ministry of Commerce shows that the overall tax burden level of China's circulation industry is 26.4%, which is 4.6, 5.8 and 13.6 percentage points higher than that of real estate, finance and insurance, and information and communication high profit industries, respectively

fortunately, the top management has decided to solve the "Chinese style" logistics problem. The general office of the State Council recently issued the "plan for deepening the reform of the circulation system and accelerating the division of labor among key departments in the development of the circulation industry", emphasizing the reduction of the tax burden on the circulation industry and the reduction of circulation costs. Ensure that all vehicles that legally load and transport fresh agricultural products are free of vehicle tolls, optimize the structure of bank card charge rate, reduce the overall cost level, and expand the scope of bank card use. Within a certain period of time, it is exempted from the urban land use tax and property tax of agricultural products wholesale markets and farmers' markets. The policy of exemption from value-added tax on vegetable circulation will be extended to qualified fresh agricultural products. We will actively promote the pilot project of replacing business tax with value-added tax and improve the tax system for the circulation industry

in a word, if the above problems in logistics are solved, the success of "rookie" is just around the corner. Through the "rookie" attempt, it is not difficult to see that the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry by means of informatization is of practical and long-term significance to the development of the logistics industry and the entire emerging service industry

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