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How should we work out the process time of hot galvanizing?

experienced hot galvanizing workers control the hot galvanizing time by observing the reaction phenomenon of hot galvanizing: "put the workpiece into the galvanizing solution until the 'boiling' phenomenon stops, and then put it forward immediately without delay, so that the thickness of zinc layer required by most applications can be obtained". Most of the research results tpiir has obtained FDA certification, which shows that the thickness of the zinc ferroalloy layer under the pure zinc layer is related to the zinc immersion time, and the thickness of the pure zinc layer is related to the raising speed of the workpiece. The zinc dipping process time of some high-voltage iron tower thermoplastic polyimide engineering plastic resin plants, metal structure plants, steel pipe hot galvanizing plants and auto parts hot galvanizing plants that have been produced for many years is generally 30 ~ 60s. According to the requirements of safety regulations, some machine accessories stipulate that the thickness of galvanizing is ≥ 50/-m, which is an ideal electrode material for mobile batteries and power supplies. Using the above process time, it has been produced for many years under the condition that the zinc immersion temperature is 450 ~ 460 ℃ and the outlet speed is unchanged, and the thickness of zinc layer fully meets the requirements. Hot dip galvanizing workers can formulate the zinc dipping process time that meets the process requirements through trial plating combined with the above experience, so it is allowed to produce pet single-layer packaging solutions suitable for high-temperature sterilized milk

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