How should VOCs governance be carried out in the c

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How should VOCs governance be carried out in 2020, the end year of environmental protection

2020 environmental protection ending year, how should VOCs governance be carried out

July 13, 2020

a few days ago, the Ministry of ecological environment officially issued the "2020 volatile organic compounds control plan", which made it clear that 2020 is the decisive year to win the blue sky defense war, and all departments in all regions should attach great importance to it. The tasks of volatile organic compounds control and the expected number of excellent days, the instrument measuring thickness of 3.5 should meet the requirements of GB 6672, and the assessment goal should be regarded as an important task to win the blue sky defense war, Adhere to precise and scientific pollution control, and do not place other debris for pollution control in accordance with the law in four weeks, so as to achieve accurate problems, accurate time, accurate location, accurate objects and accurate measures, and pay close attention to the implementation of various tasks and measures in the plan<3. Customers' requirements for a wide flow range of metering equipment and mixing head have also been met: metering equipment and LS10 mixing head are equipped with a set of nozzles/p>

major emission reduction step forward

VOCs have a wide range of sources. At present, the annual emission of anthropogenic VOCs across the country is about 25million tons, about 3.6 times that of the European Union and 1.6 times that of the United States. Among them, the unorganized emissions of industrial enterprises account for about 60% - 90%, while the major emissions of industrial enterprises are petrochemical, chemical, industrial coating, packaging and printing and other key industries, accounting for about 70%

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VOCs control in the petrochemical industry has been started since the release of the comprehensive remediation plan for volatile organic compounds in the petrochemical industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Compared with other industries, it has a good working foundation and a fast promotion speed. Because VOCs control involves production safety, economic benefits and other issues, enterprises are generally highly motivated. In particular, enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC regularly carry out LDAR in accordance with the requirements of national standards, build oil and gas recovery facilities for storage tanks, loading and unloading, and seal sewage treatment plants. At present, 20 provinces across the country have launched VOCs emission charges in the petrochemical industry, and some provinces have implemented stepped charging standards that have been increased year by year

standards are still being refined. Not long ago, the Ministry of ecological environment promoted the Ministry of industry and information technology and the State Administration of market supervision to jointly issue the "standard for the content limit of volatile organic compounds in architectural coatings and adhesives" which also began to be officially implemented. This standard is closely related to the public, involving adhesives and cleaning agents for household decoration. It is predicted that after the new paint standard is fully implemented, the VOCs produced by paint use can be reduced by about 30%

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