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Development of post press processing technology

in terms of post press processing technology, the main technical development can be reflected in the following aspects:

1. Improve the gloss, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance of prints by widely adopting a variety of printing finishing processes, such as UV glazing, calendering, film coating, sizing, waxing, concave convex embossing, bronzing, punching, marking, spray printing, etc

2. Through the extensive use of folding and matching pages with a high level of automation and continuous production, in order to compare the segregation of the measurement and control system of the inclusion friction and wear tester and the use function of the test software, sewing, paperback binding, wireless binding, horse riding binding, hardcover, cutting, packaging and other equipment, improve the appearance of books and periodicals products and, to be precise, it should be the excess of capacity structure and internal quality. " These tests made by Valeo on automotive internal parts are carried out according to DIN EN ISO 1043 ⑴/GS 93016

3. Through a variety of packaging molding processes, such as die cutting indentation, bronzing, folding paste box, windowing, veneering, compounding, slitting, bag making, etc., to meet the needs of the rapidly growing packaging market for multiple varieties, high quality and short cycle

4. Focus on the promotion and application of adhesive binding technology, and develop and improve wireless binding machine and linkage machine, hardcover machine and linkage line, and automatic paper cutter

5. Develop and widely apply computer packaging design application software, computer-controlled die-cutting plate laser cutting machine, engraving machine, tool forming machine, and focus on improving die-cutting accuracy and die-cutting processing speed

6. Apply and develop high-precision, high-speed and multifunctional printing and Postpress online production lines

7. post press processing equipment is developing towards automation and deep level

8. The post printing process and materials are developed according to the idea of environmental protection, high quality, simplicity and low cost

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