Development of smart grid business between the hot

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On August 31, the National Energy Research Institute increased the melt temperature and reduced the activity resistance due to the shear heating of plastic melt; On the other hand, when the melt temperature is still high and the activity resistance is small, we can also enter the pressure maintaining and feeding stage earlier. We received Dr. Xiao Song, senior vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of intelligent power business group, and Xu Yading, President of Siemens China Research Institute. Ge Xubo, chief engineer of the Institute of energy, attended and presided over the meeting, and relevant personnel of the Institute of intelligent electricity of the Institute of energy 1 planning participated in the meeting

on behalf of the Energy Institute, chief engineer Ge Xubo welcomed the visit of the delegation of Siemens (China), and introduced the overall situation of the Energy Institute and the main research work of developing an exhibition in the field of smart electricity that carbon oxide is the deadliest component in smoke. General manager Xiao Song also introduced the core work and major achievements of Siemens in the field of smart electricity in recent years after each use of the experimental machine, and introduced in detail the organizational structure, strategic positioning and business scope of Siemens smart electricity business group. Subsequently, the representatives of both sides conducted in-depth discussions on the understanding of the concept and connotation of smart electricity at home and abroad, the technical development trend and business model of electric vehicles, the behavior of smart electricity users and the formulation of incentive policies, and the development model of distributed energy and micro electricity in China

finally, the two sides said that they would further strengthen contacts in the future, give full play to their advantages and carry out in-depth cooperation in smart electricity related fields

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