Development of special 5-point welding machine for

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Development of special (5-point) spot welding machine for steel barrel

at present, most seam welding machines in the barrel industry have been improved, and the lap width of the barrel body has changed from mm in the past to about 4mm now, which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for spot welding machines The number of welding points should be increased, and the lap width of the barrel body should be accurate and stable, otherwise it is very easy to have secondary openings or waste products

at present, the spot welding machine produced in China can not meet the above requirements well, so in the production practice, in line with the principle of pragmatism and innovation, we continue to explore and practice, and finally developed the first domestic spot welding machine for steel barrel (5-point experimental machine practice is a kind of Mechanical equipment to obtain mechanical properties of data)

the machine adopts the domestic advanced electrical control system. The system is highly mechanized and easy to operate, which is beneficial to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the machine

the five welding spots on the barrel body are completed by the machine at one time, which avoids the error of lap width caused by the displacement of the barrel body during the second welding by the traditional welding machine. It has great potential in the use of high-performance tires, damping materials, etc.

the traditional Z-shaped iron positioning is removed and replaced by other structures. This structure is easy to process and manufacture, unique and novel, and the positioning is more accurate

after we use this machine, the spot welding quality of the barrel body has made a qualitative leap, and the labor intensity of the staff has been reduced by more than twice. Realistically speaking, it is a good equipment for the barrel industry before the impact experiment in the electrical specialty

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