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Shuangxing develops sealed pneumatic automatic gluing machine

recently, Haijiang company of Shuangxing group successfully developed a sealed pneumatic automatic gluing machine. Experts believe that new materials are not the only fields in which this machine can be used by entrepreneurs in the rubber overshoes production industry in Zibo

in the past, the glue barrel used in the coating process of the assembly line in the molding workshop of the company was made of white iron sheet, with an iron sheet inserted at the glue outlet and a glue box below. During operation, the operator must pull up the iron sheet and put the glue into the glue receiving box. After the box is full, insert it, and then use a brush to take the glue from the box and apply it, so that the operation of the experimental machine is more efficient. Repeat this operation. The old method is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also needs to clean the glue barrel after work every day, resulting in a waste of glue paste. In addition, the volatilization of glue paste causes air pollution in the workshop

the newly developed sealed pneumatic automatic glue dispenser overcomes the above shortcomings. The glue paste can be automatically discharged according to the requirements of the operation process, eliminating the waste caused by washing barrels every day and reducing the volatilization of the glue paste

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