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Development of new packaging materials industry in Shuyang Development Zone

the new packaging materials industry is an emerging industry integrating traditional technology and high and new technology. It is also the basic industry and supporting industry of the national economy. It plays a very important role in the economic and social construction as a breakthrough material science and technology. The development of new packaging materials industry in Shuyang, Jiangsu Province this year shows the following characteristics

(I) the industrial scale continues to expand. According to statistics, in 2011, there were 23 enterprises above Designated Size in the packaging new material industry of the Development Zone, and the annual sales revenue reached 2.796 billion yuan. In 2012, two enterprises achieved sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan, namely, Eurasia film 932 million yuan and Suxun new material 155 million yuan

(II) the industrial chain is gradually formed. At present, the development zone has formed a good industrial foundation in metal packaging, paper packaging, plastic packaging, etc., and the tin can industry has initially formed a complementary industrial chain of sheet metal manufacturing, can making, iron printing and so on

1. Metal packaging. The tin sheet production represented by Suxun new materials, surunda new materials and Youfu sheet, the metal can making and iron printing industry chain represented by Shengfu packaging and colorful new materials have been formed

Su Xun new materials. It mainly produces tinplate for bottle caps, food can bottom covers and other products. The annual output of chromium plated tinplate is 60000 tons, which can be widely used in metal packaging, iron printing and metal processing industries

Su Runda new materials. Covering an area of 90 mu, with a total construction area of 40000 square meters, it mainly produces chrome plated steel strips

Youfu sheet. It was founded by Mr. Lai Youfu, a Zhejiang businessman, with a registered capital of 168million yuan. The food grade tinplate (tinplate belt) developed and produced by the company has the characteristics of high market technology content and high added value. It is mainly used in the field of metal packaging such as food cans, beverage cans, dry miscellaneous cans, etc

Shengfu packaging. It is invested and built by Mr. Lai Youfu, a Zhejiang businessman, with a total investment of 150million yuan. At present, it has been put into trial production. After it is fully put into production, it will become a large-scale professional enterprise in East China engaged in the processing and production of tinplate into gift, beverage, tobacco, alcohol, dairy products and other outer packaging metal cans and color printing

Jiangsu colorful new material technology Co., Ltd. purchases all equipment imported from Italy and uses new tinplate as raw material to produce cans, which will fill the vacant market in North China. After being put into operation, it will reach about 2700 cans per minute, second only to the annual output value of Shanghai Baosteel can factory and Zhejiang Hangzhou agree can Co., Ltd

2. Paper packaging. It has formed a carton packaging industry chain represented by Hongsheng paper, Boda packaging, Lida packaging, Hengjiang packaging and Jiuhong printing. During field measurement, the transmitter of the instrument cannot be directly aimed at the sun, so as to avoid burning out the light-sensitive raw powder Market of the instrument and entering the threshold low-end corrugated board, packaging box production and color printing

(III) backbone projects continue to grow. A number of backbones with distinctive product characteristics, high enterprise degree, strong competitiveness and great industry influence have emerged in the packaging new material industry of the Development Zone, which has played a driving and supporting role in the development of the whole industry. Biaxially oriented polyester film (BOPET) produced by Jiangsu Eurasian Film Co., Ltd. is a polyester film project with large production and marketing scale and level. Eurasian film. The company has a set of polyester equipment and four Dornier film drawing production lines in Germany, with an annual output of 1. 5% The maximum output torque of 5nm is 180000 tons of polyester and 120000 tons of BOPET film. The products have five technical advantages: short process, high quality, good transparency, strong sealing and low cost. The BOPET film produced by the company can be widely used in food, tobacco, medicine, textile, cosmetics, printing, gift packaging, etc. The company has established a biaxially stretched polyester film Engineering Technology Research Center, with 26 R & D equipment such as traction system, trimming machine, recycling device, regeneration granulator, special valve, PTA weighing device, etc. The center now has 24 R & D personnel, including 4 with graduate degrees, 10 with medium professional titles, and 10 with college degrees or above

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