Development of new steel products in Japan

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Development of new steel products in Japan

it is reported that there are several kinds of new steel products for construction developed by some steel mills in Japan: first, Sn steel. It is a newly developed steel for building steel structure. Its advantages are: it can ensure the plastic deformation capacity; Ensure weldability; Ensure the plate thickness direction performance; Ensure the nominal section size; Steel grades with different energy consumption reduction of 30% can be selected according to different parts, and their properties and steel grades can be distinguished: the upper limit of yield point, the upper limit of yield ratio, the lower limit of deep drawing value in the thickness direction, the lower limit of (Charpy) impact value, the formulation of upper limit of carbon equivalent (CEQ) and welding crack sensitivity composition (PCM), and the negative tolerance accuracy shall be strictly stipulated. At present, the application of Sn steel in large buildings is increasing, and the development prospect is promising. However, some small and medium-sized buildings use SSSM materials more

second, TMCP Steel

when the thickness of JIS standard steel plate is more than 40mm, its yield strength will be affected, but using TMCP Steel (rolled by hot working control process) can make the steel (thick plate, H-beam) have good weldability without increasing CEQ. In Japan, this kind of steel has been widely used in high-rise buildings, among which 400x400mm, 500x500mm ultra thick H-section steel as columns has been widely used in high closed-loop control floor buildings

third, ultra-low yield point steel

this kind of steel is generally used in shock absorption components with lower yield points than columns, beams and other components. When an earthquake occurs, it is first made to yield and absorb the energy generated by the earthquake by lagging the repeated load. Compared with other damping materials such as its viscous body, it has the advantages of low cost, strong reliability and durability, so it has been widely used in Japan

fourth, light welded H-section steel

in Japan, light H-section steel is almost used in industrialized housing with steel structure. Nearly 15% of the new houses with more than 1million households each year adopt industrialized buildings, that is, houses are produced on factory assembly lines. In order to improve production efficiency, industrial housing manufacturers constantly put forward new requirements for the automatic new standard of production equipment, which is a responsibility sharing process and material accuracy. Light H-beam has higher accuracy than rolled H-beam, which is most suitable for building industrial housing. At present, Sumitomo Metal Industry Co., Ltd. of Japan produces more than 100000 tons of H-section steel every year, accounting for 80% of the market share of steel for industrialized residential buildings in Japan. It is one of the countries in the world that produce light hydraulic systems mainly manually controlled H-section steel

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