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Guangdong Province will promote "kilowatt hour subsidy" for charging piles.

Guangdong Province is formulating financial subsidy policies for charging facilities. It is expected that the subsidy will consist of two parts: the initial installation subsidy and the kilowatt hour subsidy during operation. On September 15, tanyuekai, Secretary General of Guangdong electric vehicle charging infrastructure Promotion Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "the alliance") and director of Guangdong electric power marketing department, made the above statement to the media at the first general meeting of Guangdong electric vehicle charging infrastructure Promotion Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "the alliance") and the launch conference of charging facility intelligent service platform "Yueyi charging"

the subsidy scheme has been reported to the Provincial Department of finance

tanyuekai said that the subsidy scheme has been formulated by the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and submitted to the Provincial Department of Finance for review and approval

he said that the early policies generally gave subsidies according to the construction scale, which may cause enterprises to focus on construction rather than operation, and the actual utilization efficiency of charging piles is not high. Subsidies for electricity per kilowatt hour will help to change this situation

throughout the country, Shanghai has led the construction of Yangpu Petrochemical free trade park to issue initial installation subsidies and kilowatt hour subsidies to charging pile enterprises according to this idea. This policy of Shanghai was launched in 2016. According to the regulations, in the operation link, Shanghai subsidizes the charging and replacing facilities in specific industries such as public transport by 0.1 yuan/kWh (the upper limit is 2000 kwh/kW · year); For other public charging and replacement facilities serving social vehicles, the subsidy is 0.2 yuan/kWh (the upper limit is 1000 kwh/kW · year). At the same time, in the construction link, Shanghai will provide 30% of the initial installation subsidy for special and public charging and replacement facilities

Xie Zhuoqun, deputy director of Guangdong Energy Bureau, said at the conference that the charging infrastructure in Guangdong Province is still lagging behind, the degree of interconnection is low, and it is not coordinated with the development of electric vehicles, which restricts the development of electric vehicles to a certain extent

according to the regulations of Guangdong Province on electric vehicle charging infrastructure (), by 2020, the province will build about 1490 centralized charging stations and decentralized charging stations, which is also an important strategic layout of Xinda for the new pattern of future development. According to the analysis of the PC global supply end inspection chart in the second quarter of 2018, there are about 350000 electric piles, meeting the charging demand of about 410000 electric vehicles in the province at this time

the provincial platform "yueyichang" was launched

the provincial charging facility intelligent service platform "yueyichang" was officially launched today. It is understood that the platform is composed of "yueyicheng" app, "yueyicheng" portal station and intelligent monitoring system. As of September, the platform has connected 18 charging facility operators, 1819 charging stations and 13438 charging piles, which can meet the simultaneous charging of 1/5 electric vehicle users in the province

this platform has dual identities of serving the market and government supervision. The platform was developed and constructed by Guangdong power company entrusted by Guangdong Development and Reform Commission. In the future, Guangdong charging facilities need to access this platform to apply for relevant subsidies. At the same time, this platform will give full play to its own advantages and provide data support for government decision-making and supervision

in terms of serving users, the platform will provide users with the choice of different charging operators. Users can use charging piles in 21 prefecture level cities in the province with the help of this platform

in addition, the League held its first general meeting today, marking its entry into substantive operation. The alliance is composed of energy suppliers, charging facility manufacturers, charging operation service providers, third-party institutions and relevant social organizations. After being elected by the first general meeting of the alliance, Guangdong Electric Power Corporation and Guangdong communications group served as the chairman unit and vice chairman unit of the alliance respectively

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