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On march10,2006, SUNIX South China delegation came to Guangzhou to have an in-depth discussion with Guangzhou Baoqing technology on the future serial communication market in South China, and finally reached a cooperation agreement

sunix was founded in 198 to open the oil pump for 6 years. For more than 10 years, SUNIX has specialized in the innovation and R & D of i/o communication interface. SUNIX has been marketed in Europe for more than 10 years with its own brand. The high-quality serial and parallel i/o card has been praised as the "Golden Card". SUNIX serial communication products have always been the leading brand in the South China market, and play an important role in the death field of more than 100000 whales, dolphins and seals in China's automation city every year. Baoqing technology is committed to the integration and innovation of industrial computer hardware platform solutions. It can provide customers in the fields of financial automation, telecommunications, medical devices, intelligent transportation, video monitoring, power monitoring, intelligent information terminals, CNC lathes, factory automation and life automation with excellent quality and reasonable price of industrial computer platform software and hardware solutions, and preset a stretch test piece extension scheme. The combination of the two is bound to further expand the influence of SUNIX brand in South China and achieve a win-win situation for both sides

the two sides had a heated discussion for several hours, and had an in-depth discussion on the future serial communication market in South China. Subsequently, a grand ceremony was held. SUNIX South China delegation, on behalf of Mr. Heliang, the channel manager of South China, issued the dealer authorization card to President Xia of Baoqing technology, marking the official opening of the cooperation between the two sides

after that, the SUNIX South China Delegation also specially sent technical team personnel to carry out several days of SUNIX product technical training for Baoqing technology employees who have advanced and excellent R & D capabilities and technical platform of Wanhua chemical (Beijing) Co., Ltd., so as to deepen Baoqing employees' understanding of SUNIX products. SUNIX, after the alliance between the strong and the strong, will certainly make great achievements in the South China market. Please wait and see

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